Tuesday, May 18, 2010

super nanny

i've been working a fun little part time job & i am lucky enough to have the most wonderful friend to watch my little mojo while i'm away for about 12 hours a week. they understand each other and are so funny together. it's nice not to have to worry about him while i'm away.

thank you rose!

Monday, May 17, 2010

gone fishin' (and playing)

today we went to deep lake for fishing and other fun.

rosie & mosie racing down the slide:

daddy & solly "fishing":

mosie & rosie spinning:

some more "fishing":

racing to the playground!:

listening to brother:
(i love this picture!)

listening to his response:

going home with a little "wheels on the bus"

family park trips are the bee's knees (those are suppose to be pretty cool, right?) the fishing wasn't great but solly had fun. it was nice enjoying what might be the end of our sunny streak.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

mothers day

yeah, yeah i'm WAY behind on blogging. so what better place to start.

mothers day was a nice relaxing day & the grandma's were all out of town or busy so we just got to spend time together as a family. my boys made me a wonderful breakfast, then church, lunch, then we just started driving. we headed for the mountains.

mosey had a nice nap:

solly enjoyed his DSi:

we got a somewhat decent family picture...
(if only i was a photo shop wizard!)

but, mosey and i got a great picture:
(i love this little boy)

a friend brought over they're gerbils for us to babysit for 2 weeks while they're out of town. and the boys are IN LOVE! they just sat and watched for a few hours:

along with all my beautiful handmade cards (& a carnation that solly found in the driveway) it was a pretty wonderful day! thanks boys, i love you all!

love, mama