Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i love my mojo

he picked these flowers out just for me


wow! what a birthday. this was quite a day!! it started out like any other day (beside the nonstop text messages starting at 7:45am) i had school parties to attend for both boys, lunch with the hubby, bakery trip and just plain relaxing at home. i got some wonderful gifts from some of my favorite people and then to top it all off my little sister wanted to take me out for dinner. so we made our plans and headed out to the rock and SURPRISE my favorite red head/oldest friend shows up! i love these two crazy ladies!!

my "bucket"...that's a whole lotta drink!
(yes, thats a gold crown & blingin' necklace)

my pretty little sister!!

the three of us!
(i think we should make this a monthly trip!)

when i got home my little boys were giggling in their room and jake tells me to sit down and wait. so out comes my sweet little boys with more gifts!! they got me TETRIS for wii (YAY!) and an ipod (running here i come!)
WOW! what a day!!
thank you everyone who wished me well and contributed to my wonderful day

i am overwhelmed by the love!

thank you Jesus for great friends and family!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

29 on the 29th...

today is my golden birthday. big ol 29. so begins the final year of my 20's, they were good to me.

let's recap shall we?

20- i had already been married for 7 months when i turned 20. i got pregnant with my solomon & moved back to enumclaw.
21- the day i turned 21 i was 9 months pregnant, solomon arrived 4 days later making me a mommy. the rest of this year was a blissful blurr.
22- i must have been pretty busy with my little solomon this year because i don't remember it much.
23- my hunky husband earned his bachelors and got a job in Selah, WA as a youth pastor, it was quite an adventure!
24-another exciting year my little sister got married and i found out i was expecting moses. we also moved back to enumclaw (again).
25-baby moses arrived this year and changed my life. i love that little boy!
26-the years after my boys were born must have been busy or boring...because i can't remember much from this year either.
27-this was an exciting year for us- we moved out my moms house and got our own little place again.
28-this past year has been good too. i love my hubby more than ever. moses started preschool giving me a whole 4 hours a week to myself. i witnessed the birth of my newest niece (one of the greatest experiences of my life) taught solomon how to ride a bike & a million other wonderful things happened.

20's have been wonderful. this next year i hope to finally lose my "baby" weight and regain that hot mama that's hiding under there...somewhere.

wish me luck!

Monday, March 28, 2011

happy birthday

tomorrow is my birthday and today i went out and got myself a new camera with some birthday money from the mother-in-law. the camera is nothing special but it's WAY better than my old one. an early birthday present to my baby sister i'm going to start up bloggin again. can't promise it'll be anything too exciting but it will give her something to do while she's at work. i love you rachers!