Monday, December 21, 2009

warm beach...

last night we went to the lights of christmas at warm beach with jakes parents...i feel rather lied to...i did not see a beach and it was not warm! but the boys had fun and that's all that matters.
the boys with a giant snowman:
my favorite part of the whole night was when we went into the "joyland café" for some dinner and moses was absolutely sure that this napkin holder was.... of his favorite trains; TOBY!!!! (i love my kids!! they're SO funny!!!)
like i said: my kids are FUNNY!!! (and yes, that is a village in a mailbox)
solomon was also sure that there was a piece of bacon in this train...see if you can spot it!
the lights were pretty
and the train was solly and moseys favorite part
good clean (cold/wet) family fun
this was solly's other favorite part and it was pretty impressive!!
the crowds were crazy and we call could've lived without the rain...and the 2 hour drive. but like i said before, the boys had fun and thats all that matters.

p.s. i'm not sure weather or not i'm "back" in the blogging world. but i couldn't resist sharing these pictures (especially the toby picture!!!)

Friday, December 11, 2009

blogging hiatus

thanks to severe depression due to the holidays and financial ruin (ok, that might be a little bit dramatic...but only a little bit) i'm taking a break. i don't feel like write chipper blogs right now. i don't even feel like writing blah blogs.

so, right now i'm working on having faith. lots and lots of faith.

i hope everyone is able to enjoy the holidays they way that they are meant to be enjoyed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


i have the worst time making decisions on my own (seriously, ask my poor husband). so, i am asking for your help. as you've seen i'm sort of making my own little cupcake business. nothing major. just really making cupcakes for friends and stuff. but, i figured if i had cards and a name it might help. so i've been working on some business cards today (free ones from totally recommend them!) so please vote and help me make up my mind!!

★with fake info...for obvious reasons!★

card #1: i added some cute little titles and things to this one because this one just seemed to have more room. i kinda like the brown too...
card #2: pretty and plan. no witty titles. just the plan info...
ALSO! jake put doubt in my mind when he came up with his own name for my cupcakes. i've been calling them BB cupcakes but he liked BB cakes and now i like them both so much i can't decide between the two...HELP!!! so please leave a comment and cast your vote for favorite business card & favorite name. thanks!!!!

rollin with my homies

on monday i got to do something very rare. i went shopping with my sister, rachel, and my mom...without any kids. it was a strange yet fun experience. we went to the mall (a foreign place to me these days) and then to fred meyer (a little more familiar to me) and then we ate some yummy mexican food together.
me and my little/big
my mama
(who hates having her picture taken)

we had some fun...and i only wish i could get the picture i took on my sisters phone cause it was about the best laugh we had all day long. it's something we should do more often and with about 3 or 4 more hours....

★ ★ ★

then later in the day the boys and i headed over to my moms house to play and do some crafts. (and so we could see her house all decorated for chirstmas) and let me tell mama knows how to have fun with little kids. she just makes a huge mess and sits down right in the middle of it.
i don't any other grammy that gives horsey rides like my mom (at least not on hardwood floor...ouch, i'm not sure i'd even do that)
at the begining of summer we went to republic with jakes parents for a few days and the ground there was littered with beautiful pine cone. my mother-in-law had insisted we pick up a bunch and take them home so we could make crafts out of them for chirstmas. instead of coming over and doing the crafts with us she just bought some supplies and left us to figure out what to do with them. solomon was really interested in the whole process...for about 10 minutes and then i was left by myself. here are a few
our penguin ornament:
(my personal favorite)

& i made a few for my mom to hang in her window:
we have some others but their not quite done. we also have about 10-15 plain ones left that we plan on spreading peanut butter on and the roll in bird seed to make bird feeders (i'm sure those birds are about starving in the freakishly cold weather we've been having)

p.s. sorry it took so long little/big. and sorry it's so short. that's what happens when i wait 3 days to write about something. i forget everything i was going to write...cause i'm old and forgetful.
love you xoxo

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

nope, not gonna do it

i know i have been a diligent little blogger for over a week now...but i'm too tired to get up and get my camera...or even come up with anything witty to day. so, i'm simply taking a break today (well sorta...beside this tiny post that is telling you that i'm on a blog strike. for at least a day)

happy freaking tuesday
i feel about tuesdays the way garfield feels about mondays:
i hope you all have a good day. really, i do!

Monday, December 7, 2009

lovey brothers!

solly discovered the other day that he can now give moses piggy back rides. which is both dangerous and fun! (sometimes moses refuses to let go) but they both love it!!
little mojo has been working to find his favorite place to sit to watch tv now that our living room is rearranged. it's been cute to watch.
trying out the couch:
and then the chair:
(upside down & kicking his feel to make the chair rock)
but, i think he likes having his brother by his side the best. they're so sweet they sat like this and watched a movie for about 20 minutes. i love that they love each other so much.

★ ★ ★

oh, and i forgot to post a picture of my nativity all set up. this is only the 2nd (maybe 3rd) time that i have had a chance to set it up. i love it. it was a gift from my mother-in-law. i wish that i had a bigger space for it to be set up at...but maybe next year (or the next).
and the best part is moses is sure that one of the wise men is his papa (my dad) and every time he looks up there he says "ooo papa!" it's pretty cute!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

O Tannenbaum

the dreaded day is tree day. i'm pretty sure if i didn't have my boys i would not have this thing in my house right now, i'd be skipping christmas all together this year. but, alas the show must go on... so off we went today to find a tree.
we ended up going to a lot where an overly helpful girl helped us pick out a tree in 3.5 seconds, so i didn't have time to take pictures of the picking out process. but i did snap a picture before we hit the road (and might i say, it's a miracle that this tree stayed on the roof, jake and i are not what you would call "tie down experts")
i would like to know why i always get stick putting on the lights!?!? oh well, at least it looks fabulous now.
step 1: lights
grandma (jakes mama) was here to help today too!
step 2: candy canes
oh yes, grandpa was also here...although a little less helpful than grandma
step 3: ornaments
(or ottomans as solly keeps calling them)
all done. moses has been fighting every urge to pull everything off the tree (starting with the candy canes, of course) having his train under the tree helps distract him.
step 4: take a nap!
no presents, but we do have our train!
yeah, yeah its smells wonderful and it looks great! but in a few week i'll have to fight everything off the tree and back into boxes and then i'll have a tree carcass to deal with. i promise i really am getting into a chirstmasy mood...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

happy birthday

happy birthday to my dear sweet ashley!!
i love you so much and i hope this next year brings you great things!!
isn't she pretty?!?!

some fun

it has been a beautiful week here in the 'claw (beautiful but, freeeezzing!!) i wish that i had a better camera so that i could capture some of it a little better.
mt. rainier with the fog rolling in:
the moon was gorgeous this night.
(my camera does NOT do it justice)
the next morning jake and i were doing one of our favorite thing, driving around. we came across a field of elk. it was pretty amazing.
moses does not like the sun in his eyes
(don't let that smirk fool you)
this week i went to the Victorian Country Christmas Festival with my 'sister' and mom. we had lots of fun just wandering around looking at all the christmasy (and some not so christmasy) things.
then i ate my first ever Piroshky. it's russian pastry filled with mean and cheese. it was pretty good...although, it really could've used some sour cream!
mmmm, meaty
and i had a cow chip cookie for the first time in probably 15 years! i was pretty great. and let me tell you, no one was happier than chiara:
it's going to be a fun/busy weekend. parades, christmas tree, in-laws...tons of fun! the weather is even suppose to hold out and keeping being wonderfully cold!

Friday, December 4, 2009

feeling the love.

a few months ago we started going to a new church. we sorta felt at home in our new church right away. we had go to the same church for pretty much our entire lives and almost never felt at home there. so, this was a great new feeling. this new church acts like, well, a church. they take care of each other. this past week we have experienced some of that first hand.
on friday i got a call from a lady at church and she told me to send jake over to pick something up. when he got there she had a large basket full of thanksgiving-ish food, a turkey and a roasting pan. even though it was already after thanksgiving we were thrilled to have it and it will go to good use!
the basket:
(complete with sparkling cider & candies)
then, i had volunteered to be a shopper for our churches 'angle tree' program. so, the lady in charge called me during the week and told me that there had been a donation and we would be shopping for a little boy who wanted a soccer ball and puzzles. i was so excited! so sunday i met up with her and she gave me all the information and then she says "i have this little kit that they gave me when i got my mammogram..." (i'm not going to lie, at this point i was worried) "'s for your feet & i can't reach my feet, would you like to have it?" i happily accepted and it turned out to be a pretty cute little package:

so, a few minutes later i was talking to jake outside, juggling moses, 3 cookies and a foot care kit and that same sweet lady walks by, puts something in my hand, smiles a big smile, pats me on the back and keeps i look in my hand (totally confused) and i see it's money...i assumed a $20, i put it in my pocket and while later when we get in the car to leave i pulled it out...and let's just say it was more than $20. God is so good, and i've come to find that he really likes to use cute little old ladies to help us out. His ways are mysterious...and i LOVE that about Him. He always likes to remind me not to worry, just like one of my favorite verses:

"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" -Matthew 6: 25-27

thank you God. the lights at the breece house will be on for another month.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

i was feeling brave today...

if you know me then you know about my "former sisters". if you don't know me...i'll make a long story short: my parents adopted 3 sisters (family friends, who's parents had died) when i was about 13 (?) and then when i was around 22 they "removed" themselves from our family & we have heard almost nothing out of them since.

so, the last time we moved i found a blanket that belonged to one of them, she had made it with her mother before she passed away. i found her on facebook and sent her a message to let her know i had it & told her i'd be happy to get it back to her. she said i could meet up with one of her friend and i was so bothered by the fact that she couldn't take 2 minutes to meet me and get the blanket. so i just ignored her response.

well, i got to thinking today...tomorrow is her birthday. i just happened to be going to covington, where she just happens to work. so i tossed it in the car, and tried to talk myself out of stopping to drop it off. (*things between her and i were rarely good...not to mention i was not look fabulous today*) but, i did not manage to talk myself out of with moses & a paper bag filled with a blanket in tow i marched in there and wouldn't ya know it an old 'friend' is at the front desk. i asked (just to double check) if she still worked there "oh sure" she says "let me go grab her for you" my response: NO!!! i mean... "no, that's fine, i just want to drop this off for her. thanks" and then (as i'm dropping my phone on the floor) i pretty much turn and sprint for the door before she appears from out of no where and i'm forced to have an awkward conversation.

i got out of there as fast as possible. but, i'm glad i got it done. it's something that she should be able to have. i just wish things didn't end up so awful with them...