Thursday, December 3, 2009

i was feeling brave today...

if you know me then you know about my "former sisters". if you don't know me...i'll make a long story short: my parents adopted 3 sisters (family friends, who's parents had died) when i was about 13 (?) and then when i was around 22 they "removed" themselves from our family & we have heard almost nothing out of them since.

so, the last time we moved i found a blanket that belonged to one of them, she had made it with her mother before she passed away. i found her on facebook and sent her a message to let her know i had it & told her i'd be happy to get it back to her. she said i could meet up with one of her friend and i was so bothered by the fact that she couldn't take 2 minutes to meet me and get the blanket. so i just ignored her response.

well, i got to thinking today...tomorrow is her birthday. i just happened to be going to covington, where she just happens to work. so i tossed it in the car, and tried to talk myself out of stopping to drop it off. (*things between her and i were rarely good...not to mention i was not look fabulous today*) but, i did not manage to talk myself out of with moses & a paper bag filled with a blanket in tow i marched in there and wouldn't ya know it an old 'friend' is at the front desk. i asked (just to double check) if she still worked there "oh sure" she says "let me go grab her for you" my response: NO!!! i mean... "no, that's fine, i just want to drop this off for her. thanks" and then (as i'm dropping my phone on the floor) i pretty much turn and sprint for the door before she appears from out of no where and i'm forced to have an awkward conversation.

i got out of there as fast as possible. but, i'm glad i got it done. it's something that she should be able to have. i just wish things didn't end up so awful with them...


  1. wow i'm totally proud you got yourself to go do that. i bet secretly she was so thankful.

    sorry it all sucks at the same time. :|

  2. She is a coward and you are not, that's why I married you!