Tuesday, March 31, 2009

spontaneous seattle trip

so this morning i went to do my weekly cleaning at frankie's and on my way home i was listening to the country station when i hear them saying that you could go online and print a coupon for $1 admission to the seattle aquarium. by the time i got home i decided that would be the perfect thing for us to do as a family before jake had to go to work this afternoon. so i got home and got all my boys out of bed and off we went.

solomon was just like me when i was a kid and he was ecstatic at the sight of seattle and especially the space needle

by far the coolest thing that we saw at the aquarium was the octopus. it even pooped while moses and were watching it (i have a picture of the poop too...but decided against posting it)

my own little two faced octopus. isn't it cute??

my boys checking out the fish over head. it was very cool.

jake trying to avoid my picture taking...i guess he did a pretty good job since this is the best picture that i got of him today.

me and my little big boys. i'm so happy that it was sunny while we were there.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

snow + birthday = :(

the last thing i ever wanted for my birthday was snow...but i got it anyways (well a day early...but still)
3/28/09 3:34pm

3/28/09 4:19

not the view i was hoping for on my birthday morning.
3/29/09 9:02am

but later in the day, thanks to the BEAUTIFUL sunshine...it started to melt...yay
3/29/09 6:22pm


so today after a minor meltdown. jake and the boys took me out for chinese food and then after i got to do some shopping (just the craft store and target...but that's enough for me!!)
i got some new reading glasses at target & i love them!!

then i got to go home and spend some time with my silly boy while jake and moses took naps

my birthday wasn't anything glorious but it was a good day and i LOVED that it was sunny for most of the day :) just look at these beautiful clouds and blue sky!!!

oh and chiara, my "sister", stopped my today and gave me the coolest gift!! this book full of cute cupcake and how to make them & some cake decorating bags & tips. i love it. she always knows just what to get me :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

well, they tried...

...my crazy family reluctantly threw me a birthday party for me today. it was nice to hang out with some of them. it would've been nice if my brother and his fiancee were not wrapped around each other(they are like braided together...it's awkward). and it's not like i was expecting a ton of "loot" but here's what i got
  • $50 gift card to buy jeans
  • $40 cash
  • $20 cash
  • my cheesecake birthday "cake" was a "present"
  • a jelly bean pooping pig w/extra jelly beans
  • a card
so far the only presents that i have gotten to actually open are the ones that rose sent me (i love you rose) but jake did get me something that i REALLY wanted yesterday (season 1 of grey's to go with the season 2 that rose sent me)

oh well i know that i shouldn't complain. plus i have another 2 days of birthday coming up. maybe those will be better.

but thank you to jake and rose for putting thought into my gifts and getting me things that you knew i would like!! i love you guys!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

the fake birthday

solly's "fake" birthday went pretty well
him and his teacher conducting the class while they sing 'happy birthday':

notice that solly sits at a table with ALL girls! (and the teacher says he picked his seat!)
that's his cousin raegan next to him

the whole class quietly scarfing their cupcakes & apple juice

i left moses at home with my mom and when i got home he seemed to be feeling better (a little snot never hurt anyone)

please let this be over!

so just when i thought moses was feeling better, just when i thought he might sleep through the night with out anymore diarrhea, just when i thought he was done barfing...it all hit him at once. at about 11:30 last night (right as i was thinking about going to bed) he woke up cover in barf. so we washed him up and tried to put him back to bed...that wasn't working so i got him up and put on kung fu panda i figured he'd get tired soon enough, but then he barfed a little more and then started really whining like he was in some serious pain, so after a few more episodes and about 2 or 3 more diapers i decided to put him in the car and drive around. he LOVES being in the car. so after a nice 45 min drive around town he started whining again so i headed for home but was not quite fast enough and as we pulled in the driveway he exploded again. i got him changed again. by then he was falling asleep. so we put him in bed and tip-toed out of his room...he was quiet (yay) so we went to bed finally at 1:30 but we expected to be up several more times in the night...and we were wrong (yay again) the next thing i knew it was 8am (oh shoot i didn't set my alarm)
so far he seems to be feeling much better today (praise the Lord) he is eating like crazy and so far no poop & no puke. i am so thankful that God answers prayer. now hopefully He heard me when i said that solomon better not get this flu!! (just kidding God...sorta)
it is a very helpless feeling to have a sick baby and not be able to do anything for them. a feeling that i hope i don't have to feel for quite a while!

oh and dinner went pretty good last night. jake ate way to much cause he knew i would kill him if he didn't finish his food. i made yummy potatos and some veggie to go with it:
the banana bread could have been better but it was awful especially when it was warmed up with some butter on it!
i did just make some cupcakes for solly's class. they are celebrating his birthday today in class because his birthday falls on the thursday during spring break. and my cupcakes rock! they are so good!!!

i will try to remember to bring my camera to the "party".

Thursday, March 26, 2009

my little goofy

you tell me if you see a slight resemblance...

look at that cute little goofy smile

ok so not quite the same but they could be cousins

just call me becki crocker!

any one that knows me, know that i am not the best cook. i'm more of a chef beckiardee than a becki crocker...until today

i have had a crock pot for 7 1/2 years and have NEVER used it. so, i put it to work today making a roast:

and then i noticed that the bananas were looking a little dark, so i looked up a banana bread recipe and i just happened to have EVERYTHING i needed to make it:

the true test of my cooking skills will be what jake thinks when he tastes it. and i'll be sure and let you know how that turns out.

oh!! and i found my camera!! i'll be taking LOTS of pictures from now on!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what a day!

today was crappy. not the whole day just parts of it. like moses explosive diarrhea...and then while pulling into the grocery store my already broken tooth broke some more. it feels horrible. so then moses and i head into the store where my sister starts texting me about my birthday (witch i DO NOT want to talk about. i'm sick of everyone asking what is going on for my birthday. i just want someone to plan something and tell me when to show up) so i burst into tears in the grocery store so while trying to compose myself enough to check out we wondered for a good 20 min. and then...i get to the check out and WHY, WHY would my debt card work?? that's right i'm OUT of money!! luckily i had a credit card in my wallet and was able to get what i need and hold myself together (or at least until i got to the car).
moses is still not feeling well. but hopefully he'll sleep through the night and be better in the morning. my poor baby had to stay up until 9 (1 1/2 past bedtime) because of awana.

i have NO idea what to do about my teeth :/

oh well i think it's about time that i start praying about all this...

someday i'll find my camera and be able to post some pictures. but right now it's time for sleep.

Monday, March 23, 2009

oh my!

so i was watching wheel of fortune today, with moses snuggled comfortable on my lap, when solomon says "i wanna marry a boy" *WHAT!?! ...what am i suppose to say...* and then comes "i'm going to marry moses because i love him so much" whew! that's not so bad. so i told him that he didn't need to marry his brother because they would always be brothers for the rest of their lives and they can spend as much time together as they want. he seemed satisfied with that answer. man kids really do say the darnedest things!!

i'm very thankful that my boys love each other so much!

solly's birthday party

so because we moved so recently i didn't get to go overboard and make all of solomon's birthday invitations by had like i always have. but he was excited to go to the store and pick some out. i should have the in the mail by tomorrow.

his party is sunday april 5th at 2 pm

so come one come all! his party's are usually pretty fun & i'm sure that we'll make our way over to the park a time or two.

i just can't believe that he's gonna be 6 years old. he's going to be in first grade before you know it. he's reading like a pro. he's quite the little man these days.

birthday list:

just in case someone asks me (and since i can never remember when i'm put on the spot) here are some ideas for birthday presents for me:
  • grey's anatomy season's on DVD
  • zune (just a small one)
  • rugs for my house
  • $$ for new clothes and/or stuff for the house
  • new bedding
  • willow tree figures (promise, mother and son & quietly)
  • my wedding rings sized to fit my chubby finger
  • DVD's (like 'baby mama', 'enchanted' or any other chick flicks)
  • and if all else fails target gift cards are always appropriate :D
so that's all i can think of.

i'm starting to wish that i could just skip this birthday. :/ oh well maybe it will be a fun one.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

i got even more done!!

that's right i did it...i got even more done today. when jake got home i made him help me put up my curtain rod in the living room (it's a little odd, but i like it). jake did a wonderful job. and then we got a bunch more books unpacked. that was pretty fun because i found my old capernwray & kent view year books...now if i could just find our enumclaw year books. i also did the dishes AND started the dishwasher...which i usually forget to start. now it's only 10:20 and i want to go to bed. jake and i are feeling pretty old (and fat) after seeing some old pictures of ourselves.

oh well, my house is starting to look like a home :D yay! (that's right jake "yay" get over it)

it was a very productive day!

first off i must say that although i got a TON done today i would've much rather gone to see my kaydee and jonathan at ikea. :( *sniff, sniff*

i was suppose to get a washer in the morning and go meet my (fellow bible school drop out) kaydee and her hubby jonathan...but at about 9:30 or 10 jake calls and says his parents are on their way to our house to do yard work and they were going to help me get the washer. *sigh* i knew that i should be happy to have the help(and quite frankly i needed it) but i feel my plans with kaydee are ALWAYS falling through and it's ALWAYS because of something that comes up on my end. so with a very heavy heart i called kaydee and broke the news to her :( i wanted to cry!!
but it's quite true that there is NO way i would've gotten the washer all by my self and gotten it hooked up correctly. so i am very thankful for my willing in-laws who i love dearly! another way that they were helpful today was that i was going to go get my shelves and i planned on taking the kids with me but my mother-in-law insisted that she stay behind with the kids so they wouldn't have to be in the car for over an hour...turns out i didn't measure quite right and there is NO way it would've all fit in my van with the kids in it!

so it turns out the day that i thought was ruined turned out to be very productive. but i am still sad that i don't get to see kaydee.

but here is what got done today:

#1. I GOT A WASHING MACHINE!!!! ($50 from the nicest couple off craigslist)
#2. old washer and dryer and LOTS of other junk taken to the dump (thanks to father-in-law)
#3. most of the yards edges week whacked (thanks again to father-in-law)
#4. moses got a nap (it was short but i was a nap)
#5. i got my laundry DONE!!! woohoo
#6. i got a few things hung up on the wall.
#7. i got the shelf i've been wanting/needing off craigslist. (the living room looks almost complete)

oh and the only way i got all of this written at this time of day is because my kids are at the park with their grandparents. it is so quiet in the house my ears are almost ringing. it's creepy...and i like it.

oh shoot i can hear them coming...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

falling off the wagon...sorta & other random thought

so i've been on the "ashley diet" (no pop & no eating after 7pm) for 2 months. it has worked great i lost 20lbs. but since i have moved i have had one to may orange fanta's & grape soda's...i actually miss drinking water. so i think later today i need to go buy some bottle water and get re-hydrated!! i have been REALLY good about not eating past 7. even when jake is offering me cupcakes at 10 o'clock at night (JERK). so i don't feel like a total failure.

i also need to get busy cleaning out my garage so that i can use my elliptical machine that is burred somewhere in there. that would really help. oh i need to go tanning too. because i know that the warm weather is closer than i think and before you know it i'm gonna be wanting to wear shorts...and i don't want to blind anyone.

besides those things i have a lot of other things to do today. like get these damn toys outta my living room and find places for them in the boy's closet. i am beginning to HATE toys. the weather is suppose to be good this weekend but i don't know if i'm quite ready for a garage sale. maybe i should just GET ready huh?

OOOHHH yes, a few days ago one of jakes moronic students gave him a bag of 12 goldfish before they went on their drive....gurrrr. solly and moses LOVE the fish but what the heck?!?! now i have a stinky bowl full of fish that needs to be cleaned and i had to find food for them. to top it all off now that they are eating...they are POOPING!!! fish are gross. oh well it's really cute when moses watches them swim around. oh yeah, and of course after having to ride in the back of a drivers ed car for a few hours and then ride all the way home they were quite traumatized so the next morning i had 2 dead fish to deal with (jake wanted me to put them down the garbage disposal...isn't that SICK!!!) they went in the garbage. so we're down to 10 goldfish!

still no luck finding a washing machine. but i did get my laundry done at my moms yesterday so i have a few more days to look for a washer. keep your fingers crossed.

i really need to find my camera and cord & figure out how to put them on this stupid "new" computer of ours(i kinda hate mac's...except that it makes me feel like carrie bradshaw HAHA yeah right.) we're practically twins!! well at least our computers look alike!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i'm lost without a washer...

that's right, my washer broke down. for those of you who may not know. i do a LOT of laundry and i (most of the time) love to do it. but of course the washer that was in our unit when we moved is NOT working. but technically it's our responsibility because the landlady found this washer and dryer for free because we didn't have a washer. so now i have 2 loads of wet laundry and about 4 loads of unwashed laundry to do. this means i might have to take a trip out to my moms...sigh.

my weird landlady DID however jump right to work and get a whole new hot water heater when jake went over and told her that ours was only giving us 20 min of hot water at a time. so this afternoon her and her weird sons installed a new one. so i am thankful for that.

to make my day even better...for some reason i volunteered to make cupcakes for sollys class for st. patty's day. and i made plans with his teacher to bring them in at 1:45 today. jake was SUPPOSE to be home during that time so that mojo could continue to nap...but NO his jackass of a "lead" needed him to meet with him for no good reason. so i had to wake moses up from his nap and take him to a school with 40 cupcakes in tow. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! so now i am being punished by him. he is doing everything that he can think of to get into trouble. what a stinker!!

oh yes, and it was also my morning to babysit at church during bible study. luckily there were not very many kids. but still its almost never a good time. and do you ever have those days where you just feel like you can't get yourself to shut up no matter how annoying you sound in your head(and i'm sure to other people as well)?? well it was one of those days, at least this morning. i'm sure my fellow babysitters were thinking "jeez switch to decaf woman!" oh well. i'm starting to feel like this blog is a little like me this morning...rambling with no real point.

maybe i should switch to decaf!

i still have a TON of boxes to go through in my garage AND storage unit....ugh i need a babysitter just so i can get things done in my own house. thank goodness for solly! he has brains enough to put in a move for moses and now he is totally spaced out!! ahhhhh peace...at least for a moment!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i thought it was march?

so i think it's snowing right now...again for the second time today. about 2 hours ago the hail was coming down so hard it set off the neighbors car alarm. and about 30 min ago it was sunny.

i do love the way the wind sounds howling through our shake roof (really! i love it)

but come on it's gonna be spring in like a week. this is getting ridiculous!!! i just need a nice weekend so that we can get a yard looking like this place isn't abandoned..is that to much to ask for in mid-march? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

oh summer where are you?

Friday, March 13, 2009

6 days later...

...i finally have internet!!
it's funny, i missed it at first and now i'm sitting here and i can't think of anything that i wanted to do on the internet...it's just nice to know it's there :)

so we've moved and we LOVE living alone again! solly and moses couldn't be happier and life is good. we managed to live without internet for almost a week and we still have no plans for cable. and i haven't missed tv that much (yet)

i got a LOT of unpacking done on the first day...and then i stopped. i got the important stuff out and now i just don't feel like seeing what is in ALL those other boxes that are now taking up WAY to much room in the garage. and my storage unit isn't even empty yet. i haven't done any yard work (due to the flipping snow) but we're hoping for good weather this weekend (that's what i was going to do on the internet: check weather)

so for now that is my update of my boring life...don't worry there is plenty more where that came from!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

excitment's gone...i'm just tired!!!!

so we finally get to start moving stuff in...but jake has to work for the next 2 days (all day) so it looks like i'll be doing it all by my self :( jakes dad and brother are coming to move big stuff for me on saturday but for me that it almost more to worry about becuase i'm picky!!

i got a tiny bit done tonight...but then next 2 days are going to be brutal!!

if i could just find someone reliable to watch moses on saturday and would be all set. oh well. i guess i'll just have to get out my "super mom" cape and hope for the best. i'm gonna need a vacation...or a massage when this is all over.

i did get to take solly inside the duplex today for the first time...and he loved it!

dude, is it bedtime yet?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

getting excited!!!

so tomorrow i am going to start cleaning and unpacking in my "new" kitchen!! i hope i can also get some other rooms cleaned too but i can always do that on friday. but it sounds like our first night there will be saturday. i'm so excited i can barley contain myself!!!

i hope to talk lots of before and after pictures. and i hope to have lots of visitors (that means all of you)

i can't wait!!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

is it over yet?

the answer is NO! sadly it is not over and it wont be over for quite some time. moving takes forever!! it's going to be at least until this weekend before we are sleeping there and then probably another month before we feel moved in. we have so much work to do on the house it's not even funny. but i will be relieved to be in my OWN place. no grandmas or moms interrupting family meals with their stories of when they used to live in ephrada. or an obnoxious dog drooling on my pant leg while i'm trying to eat. or my dad hanging out in his bath rob on the weekends. ahhh it will be nice...

well i have managed to have a little fun today. i went to solly's class and helped make green eggs and ham for all the kids in honor of dr. susses birthday. it looked sooooo gross but most of the kids gave it a fair shot and tried it while other kids practically licked their plates clean. there was only about 2 kids that WOULD NOT try it. oh well i guess we'll just have to call them "sam" from now on. :)