Monday, September 28, 2009

a rough week

so, in the past 6 days i've gone through 80 ibuprofen...don't worry i've done the math for you that's an average of 13 a day...and the worst part is i only took 4 yesterday so that brings the average up to 15 a day. but i badgered the dentist in to calling in a prescription for antibiotics on saturday evening and then made jake detour on his way home form working 11 hours to pick it up. after 8 hours of being on the antibiotics i was already feeling better...and then came the flu.
so if you were to look next to my kitchen would think that an old person lived in my house...cause it looks like this:
but my hunky hubby took such good care of me. so when he got home from work today i had a the house clean and dinner on the table (ok the coffee table, but whatever) i know, i know it's my job...but i wasn't able to do my job for the past few days. it was nice to be able to "work" again.
p.s. i love my job.
oh, and don't worry, i'm done talking about how crappy me week was. i'm looking forward to a better week.

my weekend.

started as every saturday should. on the couch watching cartoons!
the rest of our saturday was spent at my moms & then at Lowe's with both my mom and day getting supplies for....
i woke up with what i thought was a nasty cold. but, my moms birthday is coming up & she has been trying to get her house all ready for an inspection so i organized a work birthday party for her. i got about 15 people out to help it took a little while but work finally started to get done. (there was a LOT to do)
the kids managed to have some fun
solly trying to "crack the egg" (if you don't know about the building in the background...don't ask)
so that nasty cold was turning into a fever and i was feeling terrible after being that work party for only about 2 hours. so jake took me home and put me to bed...5 hours later i pulled me out of bed and dumped me in my chair and filled me full of vitamins and medicine. i stayed awake for a while watching greys anatomy off on and on. i then fell asleep in my chair for another 2 or 3 hours...then went to bed for the night and slept 7 or 8 hours. and praise the lord i am feeling better today...
the boys are playing quietly and i have even managed to get some house work done. i just might live...this time.
i am praying for a much better week this week. please lord, no toothaches, flu or any other 3rd thing that i can't think of...please?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

homemade goodness!

so, solomon planted carrot seeds back in the spring and now we have a plethora of carrots. when we pulled a bunch he (of course) decided he wanted to make carrot cake.
when he got home from school today i was ready. carrots shredded [√] pans powdered [√] dry mix [√] everything else measured [√] so solly got to crack eggs and mix everything together (for a 6 year old...he's a master egg cracker!)
watching it all mix up
so even though i had homegrown carrots...i cheated and bought a can of cream cheese frosting. (i know, i know. but i just didn't want to bother)
little solly homemaker!
all done! well, almost...
...solly's final touch. a carrot
(with a bite taken out of it)
so after dinner it was time to try it. and let me tell you, i was not expecting it to be that good. i'm not much of a carrot cake kinda gal. and most cakes & breads i make from scratch turn out too dry. but this cake was wonderful so moist, so good. the only thing i regret is not making my own frosting. it would've been magnificent!
and the boys loved it too
ah, sweet baking success.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

last week...

...while i was only mildly suffering from the toothache, i was in the kitchen making cookies (that probably didn't help the toothache) when rose & i heard the hose in the back yard. we looked out and there he was...
solly in his old (2T-3T size) costume
i love having kids!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my awful day!

i have had a toothache for over a week...and last night it got to be TOO MUCH! i have NEVER in my life been in that much pain before! (i have have given birth NATURALLY twice!) so this morning the pain totally moved to another tooth...a tooth that has been broken for about 6 month. so the dentist and i decided that it had to come out...TODAY
so, it's gone:

& gross looking!
(sorry it's blurry)
anthony brought me a card...and it made me laugh (witch hurt by the way) but it was very nice of him. he signed it "your son, anthony" so solly decided that was a good idea... he made his own card to give me. (notice it says love, your son <---solly) i have good kids.
oh, and here's the worst part...
my dinner:
oh well, at least i got something in me. i might even try some soup later...but we'll see.

thanks to everyone with the well wishes, advice and prayers.

i am feeling much better...and hopefully i can get the rest of the work done on my teeth so that this doesn't happen again...EVER.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

reasons why i like today:

#1 IT'S A BOY!!! my kaydee found out today that she is having a bouncing baby boy!

#2 rose is here for visit!!!

#3 jake had the WHOLE day off (may not be good for the paycheck, but i love having him around)

#4 i found something to take away my toothache...and it's perfectly legal

#5 moses did NOT throw up on me (for the first time in 4 days)

#6 i am in love with the pen i stole from the mac store this morning!

#7 i got cotton candy today...from disneyland!

#8 did i mention rose is here?!?!

#9 i don't need an ipod...cause my husband makes 'beautiful' music for me all day long

#10 cause it's favorite day of the week!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

got 20 minutes?

cause if you do, i have something fabulous for you to watch. an old friend, brandon lippard, just happens to be a cinematographer these days and he shot the most amazing film. check it out:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

it's no wonder

jake and i are always cursing our DVD player for skipping and acting weird. but really, i think the scratched DVDs have messed up the player. i mean we find them in the craziest places like; tucked in the cracks of my recliner, slipped under the tv, crammed into the VCR, under the sink, in the fridge and even outside:
someday when moses is a little older. we'll have to get all new DVDs & a new DVD player. but for now we'll have to just deal with it.
oh moses....

Monday, September 14, 2009


just a lazy saturday afternoon.

there! happy jake?
(oh, and i do realize how ugly my couch case you were wondering)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

mr. potato head!

he's pretending not to notice me while he's busy watching cars!! what a cutie pie!!
(man that kid needs a haircut)

Friday, September 4, 2009

i have a boyfirend...

...his name? i'm not sure i'm ready to share that just yet.

maybe i should tell you about him. he's tall, dark and handsome. he can always put me in a good mood. he can melt a headache & enjoying him is my favorite way to start the day.

♥ ♥ ♥

ok, ok i'll tell you his name is diet coke. you know how some people can't start there day without coffee? well, that's pretty much how i am with diet coke!

i know there are so many more of you diet coke addicts...oh...i mean uh "lovers". as a matter of fact i found another diet coke fanatic here.

and i know, i know....i've heard how bad it is for you and blah blah blah. but right now i don't care. cause, i'm in love ♥

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

funny hubby

my crazy hubby has a funny way of cheering me up...and he doesn't even know it. he came home from work and wanted his new favorite to eat...

a can of nally chili with 2 hot dogs cut up with cheese on top:

who eats crap like that? my man! and i love him!!

one of 'those' days...

today kinda sucks. let me tell you why.

1st. i lost my 2nd job. we left our church 6 weeks ago. but not in an angry sort of way. i had talked to one nursery coordinator and she didn't seem to think it would be a problem for me to stay on as paid babysitting throughout the year. but apparently the other person has a problem with there goes another $100+ a month. that may not seem like a lot. but when you withdraw your bank account at least twice a month every little bit helps.

2nd. my rose bud is having an awful day. and i was going to go and see her...and didn't so i feel double bad now.

3rd. i don't want to get into it. but a friend said some somewhat hurtful things. and i don't know what to do. (and i realize it's pretty passive-aggressive of me to post anything about this...but i'm still licking my wounds & trying to figure out how to respond)

4th. i'm broke. beyond broke. and feeling helpless. jakes hours have been cut back painfully! i don't know when it will pick back up or how we'll pay for anything in the mean time.

5th. i should make dinner...but i don't know what to make...i don't know if i have anything to make...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009