Sunday, May 31, 2009


so we had an early birthday party for rose & brian (aka "flock o seagulls") they're like twins (that are 3 years apart and look nothing alike)
i love these crazy kids!!

we had food, fun, and also a lot of just hanging out

then we had some cupcakes for the birthday kids :)
brian got a smaller pile of cupcakes cause he's younger

and rose got the mega pile.
(and she's fake blowing cause i missed the real blowing out the candles)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

we're goin' on a troll hunt

today we went to seattle and accidentally on purpose found the troll under the fremont bridge. so we found a parking out...looked up and saw this:
then we hiked 3 or 4 blocks uphill and found ourselves a troll :)
rose and solly climbed up and peeked up his nose. (the retarded woman in the picture is part of a group that was there rehearsing a play. they made it impossible to get a good picture from the's was infuriating!!!)
me and my boys with our new buddy the troll...i gotta say, the profile is NOT the best shot for him!
then we found j.p. patches. my boys made their goofiest faces.
before we went to seattle we went to the mall, while we were there we found a photo booth and got some pretty amazing pictures of the 4 of us.

big smiles

goofy faces!

everybody wave your hands!

and finally BIG CHEESE!!

we had a great day. we even wrapped up the evening with a game of badminton (my new favorite past time)
tomorrow we're having a BIRTHDAY PAR-TAY for rose!!! it's should be fun!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

my favorites of the day

the boys in the morning...

the boys in the sunshine

the boys in the sand

the boys close up

buttercups in the backyard

* * * *

my least favorite of the day:

these are the UGLY cupcakes i made for jake to take to youth group. "telestai" is "it is finished" in hebrew. it was that last thing that jesus said before he died on the cross. it went with his lesson tonight.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

memorial day

besides my run in with the yard waste bin, out memorial day got off to a nice relaxing start. the boys slept until almost 11 & the weather was perfect!

so after just hanging out all morning and some of the afternoon, we had a barbecue. it was nice and small but the company was good and so was the food. we "played" badminton. and we even went to the park for a little bit

i think these guys were a little bored!

but moses made up for their lack of excitement!

then we came back over to the house and just layed around a bit! it was pretty nice. it's always fun to talk and laugh with friends (even if i am one of the oldest people in the room...i guess i'd better get used to it)
anna's so pretty!

sarah enjoying a capri-fun!
(it's just a frozen capri-sun)

anthony either had a brain freeze...or was have intestinal problems from jakes cooking
either way, becca found it very amusing

i discovered it's almost impossible to get a picture of alex where he is NOT making a face!
keith also came over...but somehow didn't make it into any pictures...he's kinda sneaky that way! my poor boys were so hopped up on sugar that they didn't get to sleep until kinda late. but they did get up relatively easily this morning.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

3 for me? no thanks.

today i babysat little gabriella (she is 3 months younger than moses) she is so well behaved. but the whole dynamic of 3 kids is just more than i am interested in. it's fun for a day here and there. i applaud those who do have 3 (or more).

the 3 of them watching a movie before church
(it's a good way to keep them all clean)

at the park

the best way to transport little ones!!

that's right i believe in child labor :)

blowing bubbles in the back yard!

uh-oh! babies in the bubbles!

trying to catch bubbles

how did he get so big?
little miss was not to sure about those crazy boys!

it was a really fun and pretty relaxing day. i'll have her again on tuesday but i will be with out my helpers, jake and solly (who she LOVES). but it will be fun to just have the 2 "babies"
tomorrow we're having a barbecue, i can't wait! (i'm hungry :D)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

andy + ruthie = ♥

today is finally here. it's been a LONG week! moses feels 10 times better today, but he still stayed home from the wedding with jake and jakes mom.

solly all ready to head to the church.
isn't he a handsome man?

and there he is.
he's pretty much a professional ring bearer

his first glimpse of ruthie

she giggled ALL the way down the isle

exchanging rings

solly was pretty bored

and the 1st kiss...EVER!!!!! (for real!)

the cake that my mom made
(i made the frosting)

me and my mini-man

* * * *
don't think that i would forget about my hubby's birthday! 31 years old today! he worked this morning and got home at about 2:30 so he stayed with baby mojo while i went to the wedding. then after the wedding, jakes parents decided that we were going to the keg for dinner.

he thoroughly enjoyed himself
happy birthday baby, i LOVE you!!!