Friday, May 8, 2009

today is crap!

my bad day actually started yesterday. when my plans to go see ashley fell through...i was crushed! so today i decided to bake some cookies...i was in the kitchen for about 7 minuets making the dough, moses would come in and out to check on me. so when i finally check on him i was surprised to see what a mess he could make in such a short amount of time.
this is only half of the mess.

this is what it's suppose to look like:
and then while i'm in the middle of baking my cookies i get a call from the manager of frankies and she just wanted to let me know that they no longer need me to clean...she said like she was doing me a favor...but now i'm out $400 a month!! that's a small forturn to me!! so becca and anthony came to hang out with me and they brought me a present to cheer me up
arnt those 2 just the sweetest?
then...after everyone left i was in the kitchen for about a min and half when moses got into trouble again...
that's a total of 8 keys that he tore off

it took a while but i got them all back on
everything feels like it's going wrong. i did get one job offer...but it would require me to be away from the house during the day, and that would mean that i would need a babysitter for moses.
i talked to jake and it sounds like his day isn't going any better. he was accused of harassment because he very nicely told a girl the other day that she was showing off her WHOLE butt when she ran in a dress...geeze!
i know that most of this is spiritual i guess that means that jake and i must be doing something right. (i hope.)

maybe tomorrow will be better.

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  1. becki i'm sorry.
    your day was no good at all.

    i love your flowers though they are pretty!

    and um if i was showing my whole butt i would really want someone to tell me!

    whats the job offer?