Wednesday, May 20, 2009

arrr matey's!

today was solly's teacher, ms. merla's, birthday! she threw herself a huge pirate party. so, of course, i made cupcakes :)

i found little pirate flags & cupcake papers
(i like this picture but i couldn't get it to rotate)

pretty cute for a scull huh?
(bottom of the cupcake)

the whole class waiting to scarf down their cupcakes
(notice solly: bottom left with the stuffed bird on his shoulder)

but they always have to wait for the birthday girl (or boy) to
take the first bite, she teased them for a few min...but she finally took that bite!

she gave the kids some really great "loot" bags with fun stuff in them!

moses even enjoyed himself (while confined to his wagon!)


  1. haha i love that you took your wagon!

    those cupcakes are so cute! i want one!!

    and umm the gift bags boxs whatev were insane looking!!

  2. the little ship was just made of paper it was one of the MANY things in his party bag.

    i HAD to take my wagon cause i had 3 dozen cupcakes, a pot of flowers and moses ALL to carry into the school. it was that only way i could figure out how to do it. it worked GREAT!

    i have a couple extra cupcakes...come and get one ;)

  3. i think sollys teacher needs to be my teacher.

    smart thinking with the wagon i would have just dropped everything!!

    i would come get one but i have to work the stupid terminator opening today!

  4. You are the best mom ever! I wish my mom would have been able to do half the stuff you do with our boys. Keep it up wifey! I love you!

  5. awww thanks jake! i think the sweetest part of you saying that is that you posted that comment while i was at the ER with moses.
    i love you too.