Monday, May 18, 2009

the weekend update

so after a trip to the mall and rose going home (sniff, sniff) then jake got home and (as usual) we took the boys to the park...but this time we used the wagon, they LOVED riding together!

then of course on to the swings. moses & solly both have new found love of going really high on the swings and moses just giggles!
moses thought it was pretty funny to run away. and that is fine with me...he slept really good that night
moses was in such a good mood, since he had his daddy home and all :) so i guess he decided to sit on him so that he wouldn't go anywhere!

* * * *

then on sunday while waiting to go over to becca's house moses found a nice place to sit...he loves sitting in baskets (witch i think is funny that my baby moses finds himself at home in a basket)
then it was off to becca's. where i tormented her with my camera. but she brought it on herself by telling me that she hates having her picture taken!
it was a good time full of some of my favorite people...

becca's mom even made sure that the kids had a pool to play in. and oh boy did they play! at one point i got moses out and got him all warmed up and in dry clothes...and then he jumped in head first with all this clothes on. and of course kristin just couldn't resist jumping(or hobbling) in since she has her cast off finally.

we had good food. and a lot of fun!

thank you to becca and anthony for putting on a great barbecue!

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  1. awww that looks like it was a ton of fun!!!

    and it looks like it was warmer than crackima.


    moses cracks me up too!