Saturday, May 23, 2009

andy + ruthie = ♥

today is finally here. it's been a LONG week! moses feels 10 times better today, but he still stayed home from the wedding with jake and jakes mom.

solly all ready to head to the church.
isn't he a handsome man?

and there he is.
he's pretty much a professional ring bearer

his first glimpse of ruthie

she giggled ALL the way down the isle

exchanging rings

solly was pretty bored

and the 1st kiss...EVER!!!!! (for real!)

the cake that my mom made
(i made the frosting)

me and my mini-man

* * * *
don't think that i would forget about my hubby's birthday! 31 years old today! he worked this morning and got home at about 2:30 so he stayed with baby mojo while i went to the wedding. then after the wedding, jakes parents decided that we were going to the keg for dinner.

he thoroughly enjoyed himself
happy birthday baby, i LOVE you!!!

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  1. okay that wedding looks a lot better than i was expecting haah (:

    and that picture of you and solly is cute! solly is a super pro ring person or whatev