Sunday, May 24, 2009

3 for me? no thanks.

today i babysat little gabriella (she is 3 months younger than moses) she is so well behaved. but the whole dynamic of 3 kids is just more than i am interested in. it's fun for a day here and there. i applaud those who do have 3 (or more).

the 3 of them watching a movie before church
(it's a good way to keep them all clean)

at the park

the best way to transport little ones!!

that's right i believe in child labor :)

blowing bubbles in the back yard!

uh-oh! babies in the bubbles!

trying to catch bubbles

how did he get so big?
little miss was not to sure about those crazy boys!

it was a really fun and pretty relaxing day. i'll have her again on tuesday but i will be with out my helpers, jake and solly (who she LOVES). but it will be fun to just have the 2 "babies"
tomorrow we're having a barbecue, i can't wait! (i'm hungry :D)


  1. those are some cute pictures!

  2. Becki I love your blog SO MUCH! It's so funny/entertaining!

  3. this doesn't sound like the Becki i remember from high school- you can handle 3! if i can, anyone can...