Thursday, May 7, 2009

blah blog

i just haven't been up for blogging lately. party because of a sick boy and partly because i have NOTHING to write about. so this is what's been going on with me...

...moses was sick. it took a few days and about 3 sleepless nights before i took him to the dr. and got him on antibiotics for an ear infection.

...while moses was sick and i was getting almost NO sleep and i didn't do my morning workout for, for a FULL week. i was feel tired and lazy so i got up early this morning and worked out. and i feel pretty good today, although i am a little crabby. i went to visit my rachie at work. i miss her and should go see her more often. then moses and i went to visit rachies puppy doggy at her house and since i'm such a nice person i cleaned her house...not the whole house just did the dished and vacuumed downstairs. i'm such a nice sister.

...tomorrow i get to go visit my beloved ashely. i miss her too :( but i finally get to go see her new house. i can't wait to see her.

...i miss all my friends right now. i wish that they all lived closer, especially kaydee & rose...oh wait those are my only friends ;) i'm pretty sure i get to see both of them before the end of this that's good.

...solly got fitted for his tux (for my brothers wedding may 23rd) this week. he's pretty excited to wear shiny shoes & and a fancy tux. (i'll be sure to get LOTS of pictures of that)

...oh yes, i have started tanning. and i might even start dieting :P i hate dieting, it makes me VERY cranky. but if im gonna workout everyday i may as well make it count. i'm sick of my muffin top. and i just want to be happy!!!

...jake's birthday is also on may 23rd and i have no idea what to do for him. we are BROKE & i just don't know what to do :(

...i have watched greys anatomy seasons 1-4 and now i just have to wait for season 5 to finish and come out on DVD in the FALL...that's TOO far away :( boohoo now i need a new show to watch. any ideas?

...well i think that's it for my boring life. i'll try to carry my camera with more this next week so that my blogs will be more fun to read.

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  1. you should go to and post a question saying like husbands birthday broke any ideas?? they will post answers right away.

    yay for getting to see ashley and rachel :D

    mosey fully better?

    dude greys anatomy is have its 100th show tonight im so excited!

    i miss you too! i hope i get the 29th offff!

    solly is gonna be a pro when it comes to weddings!