Monday, May 11, 2009

i fixed my camera!!!

moses was nice enough to reprogram my camera the other day and i finally figured out what he did. so now i am able to upload and take more pictures :D
so in the past 2 days here is what has happened:
jake and i took the boys to the park to ride their bikes on saturday. and we tried to get a family picture...but that didn't work so we tired to get mama & boys then daddy & boys....

it's obvious how much they love me...
(just kidding. but really? could they look more annoyed?)

my 3 favorite people in the whole world!

solly-man riding like the wind

"brudder" and daddy trying to catch up!!

* * * *

then on mothers day my boys gave me great gifts:
the mug has a custom picture by solly in it
and the animal is from moses
(we named her mudder budderfly)

my beautiful art by moses
(with a little help from daddy)

my picture from solly
it says:
"children have a certain way
of growing bigger every day
but these little hands
and this special smile
will stay in our
hearts for a long, long while."

and these are my beautiful flowers that jake and solly picked out:
i also got a BUNCH of chocolate (all my favorites of course) and a wonderful lunch!! i have the best boys in the world!!!

* * * *

and then today moses did a big poop in his diaper and then SAT on his brothers head! it was quite entertaining! i love my boys!!

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  1. haaaahaaaa! okay it's all super sweet and then you see the picture of moses and sitting on solly and its super funny!!

    i like the picture of you with the boys because its pretty dang funny!!

    i'm glad you had a super nice mothers day!