Monday, August 31, 2009

1st of 1st

solomon had his 1st day of 1st grade today. he didn't get to sleep until 2am so he was pretty grumpy this morning. this was as close to a smile as i could get:
all settled down at his desk:
...he survived the 1st day!! (and so did ellie)
& moses was very glad that brudder came home!!


my house feels oddly empty and we're only missing one little man. 3:30 seems so far away right now.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

the amazing sarah!

at the wedding yesterday, sarah, took the most amazing picture (it was jakes idea...but sarah executed it perfectly!) anyways she enter the photo into a contest you should go and vote for it!!


...i will get a decent family picture. but for now you'll just have to look at these cross-eyed until it looks like one big happy breece family.

i'm really going to try for a family picture today. wish me luck...i'm gonna need it!

p.s. i'm aware that i should probably get a new dress so that i don't have to wear the same thing to every wedding i go to...maybe i'll get something new for the next wedding.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

cupcake magic

i have a magic wand. (shhh don't tell anyone) it can take all of this:
and turn it into this:
and then eventually it all looks like this:
anthony's brother got married and it was beautiful. oh and anthony preformed the ceremony it was the best wedding i've ever been to!
the reception was a lot of fun...and it's nice that my boys are so charming because other people are willing to run around with them (thanks becca!)
and they seemed to like the cake :)
surprisingly the cupcakes were made & delivered with very little problems. i am so relieved.

Monday, August 24, 2009

one week

along with making cupcakes this week. this is also my last week of "freedom" for a nazi bebe seester is going to attempt to kick my butt back in shape starting next week. i am very thankful for her, it's nice to have someone who's willing to be there for me. and since she got all the will power in our family its nice of her to share with me and she obviously knows what she's doing...look at her she's smokin hot!!
i love you rachie! thanks for loving me too!! muwah!! xoxoxo

death by cupcake.

that is how the obituary will read next week after i die while making 300+ cupcakes for a wedding next weekend. i'm sure it will turn out...i may have a nervous breakdown or 2 but i'll live. so if you're wondering why i am not blogging chances are i'm up to my elbows in cake and frosting!

wish me luck!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


as i mentioned before the boys and i went to whidbey island for 4 days. we had tons of fun. on the first day i was there for about an hour before i jumped back on a ferry (alone) and when to have a "girl date" with kaydee!! that's right i enjoyed a movie, cinnabon & window shopping for HOURS with NO KIDS!! it was like being on another planet. we even ran into a tv commercial "celebrity" that's right an old navy "supermodelquin"
yes, we realize what dorks we are...but we were having SO MUCH FUN!
(love you kaydee...and i kinda want that scarf!)
one of the days we were there we went the "the park"...i'm sure it has a name but we've just always called it "the park" it's pretty great.
moses could very well be a mobster!
tires at the park
mr. "too cool for school" solomon
it's not a trip to the park without rolling down hills...
...and chasing brother!!
and, of course, we went to the did not go over as well as we may have liked. solomon threw a fit and we we're outta there pretty fast. but the did have a tiny bit of fun before we took off.

once again..

...i don't feel like blogging. so here is a little morsel from our trip to whidbey island.

more to come soon!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


solomon finally finished swimming lessons!! he loved it and did such a good job!
the "beaver" dive!

the crawl stroke

and of course, play time!

he got 8/9 on his "report card"

and then i just love this picture. this is how solomon spends a saturday. watching a movie (the headphones are for my sanity) and eating a spectacular lunch made with love by his daddy! (those are sandwiches with pringles stuck in the top of them!)

solomon, moses & i are leaving bright and early in the morning for 4 fun filled days on whidby island. so i may not blog for a few days. but i'll be back with lots of pictures of all of our beachy, crafty, sunshiny good times.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

yeah, yeah

i've been a pretty big blog slacker for the past few weeks. my excuse this week (and last) is that my days revolve around solly and his swimming lessons (everyday 1-2) they kinda chop my day in half. but the good news is, solly can swim! not quite olympic quality yet...but he's on his way.
yes, that's my boy jumping into the deep end.
this weekend we celebrated our nephew elijah's 8th birthday. we started out seeing GI joe...not exactly a kids movie, solly ended up asking to leave the theater 45 minutes before the movie ended (i guess he got tired of "watching" the movie with my hand over his eyes) and then we went off to the peirce county fair in graham to see the lego's & plants that our neice and nephew's entered in the fair. we also found a few other things to look at...and do.
mojo & daddy checkin out the "moo's"
my little firemen driving the firetruck
what a bunch of goofballs
look at that sweet boy!
forget the rides, we found some free fun!
my favorite animals at the fair!! piglets!!
and sadly next week i will be at my in-laws so no blogging then...but i'm sure i'll have a ton pictures when i get back.
today our big plans are swimming, of course, and then solly wants to climb mt. peak. after getting up at 8:30 this morning solly (and i) should be sleeping with no problems tonight!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

mega random

i'm so proud of rose! she's been wanting to make changes...and i was starting to give up hope. but all it took was a trip half way across the county and some time away from her life to realize there is so much more out there.
she went home almost a week ago and it feels like she's been gone for a month. but on friday i took the boys over to the park and i smiled when i saw that rose was still here:

her pretty art was probably still
there today up until it rained this evening.

i can't wait to see what the future has in store for my dsbff! love you!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

a church hunting we will go...

we've been looking for a new far we visited a total of 2 church's this week we found one that we've decided to go back for a second try next week. and the best part's right here in enumclaw! hooray!

Friday, August 7, 2009

i should blog...

...but i don't wannnnnaaaaa.

i know ya'll feel like that from time to time.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a sad attempt

so remember when i said i wanted to get a family picture. well this was our sad attempt last night. jake had been riding his bike and did NOT want to take a picture just then, and solly was in a foul mood. but i thought it was worth a try since we had all 4 of us + a camera + rose to take a picture.

breece's 09

doesn't help that i look like i'm in a fat suit...oh wait I AM, and i can't seem to get it off!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009


that's right. eight years ago today all my dreams came true when i walked down the isle (of that ugly church) and married the love of my life.

so in honor of my hunky hubby; 10 reason i loved him then and still love him today:

1) he loves me (duh, kinda important)
2) he has the ability to make me laugh at the dumb things he says
3) he is scared to death of spiders and needs me to kill them
4) he giggles like a girl at stupid movies and funny videos
5) he knows just what i need (weather or not i agree...he knows)
6) he's a gentle giant (no, this is not a fat joke jake!)
7) he can communicate...and is teaching me how to in the process
8) even though i can't cook...he'll eat whatever i make him (again, NOT a fat joke)
9) he lets me drive from time to time...even if my driving makes him crazy
10) if he could, he'd give me the world on a silver long as it didn't go to my head

i love you jake. i hope to have a million happy years with you!

whidby weekend

i am lucky enough to have in-laws that live on whidby island (i'm also lucky enough to have in-laws that i get along with really well) so all FOUR of us got to go up for the weekend. we spent some time at the beach & lots of time in their backyard just hanging out. it was a lot of fun, and i think jake even got to relax a little bit.
big man solly

the 3 amigo's

moses loved the beach!


mama & mojo
once again we spent a fun filled weekend together as a family & we still did not get a family picture...some day. hopefully before the boys go off to college.