Thursday, August 13, 2009

yeah, yeah

i've been a pretty big blog slacker for the past few weeks. my excuse this week (and last) is that my days revolve around solly and his swimming lessons (everyday 1-2) they kinda chop my day in half. but the good news is, solly can swim! not quite olympic quality yet...but he's on his way.
yes, that's my boy jumping into the deep end.
this weekend we celebrated our nephew elijah's 8th birthday. we started out seeing GI joe...not exactly a kids movie, solly ended up asking to leave the theater 45 minutes before the movie ended (i guess he got tired of "watching" the movie with my hand over his eyes) and then we went off to the peirce county fair in graham to see the lego's & plants that our neice and nephew's entered in the fair. we also found a few other things to look at...and do.
mojo & daddy checkin out the "moo's"
my little firemen driving the firetruck
what a bunch of goofballs
look at that sweet boy!
forget the rides, we found some free fun!
my favorite animals at the fair!! piglets!!
and sadly next week i will be at my in-laws so no blogging then...but i'm sure i'll have a ton pictures when i get back.
today our big plans are swimming, of course, and then solly wants to climb mt. peak. after getting up at 8:30 this morning solly (and i) should be sleeping with no problems tonight!


  1. Sounds like lots of fun! Have fun at the in-laws!

  2. those pigs are sooooo cute! ...almost as cute as your boys...