Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a big month

september is proving to be a BIG month for my little/big man. 1st he learns to ride a bike and today he came home from school looking like this:

that's right! he lost his 1st tooth. it's exciting, but at the same time such a sad thing for this comes the big goofy permanent teeth....sigh

(i must say, i LOVE this picture!)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i have a plan...

someday i'm going to run away...if you need me i'll be right here:

(the solomon islands, by the way)

Monday, September 6, 2010

the long weekend

this labor day weekend we had ourselves all kinds 'o' fun here at home. it all started on thursday when i brought home puppies that i had the privilege to babysit for the weekend. they belong to my friend/boss and they are cute enough to EAT!

petey & tink: i am pretty much in love with little petey (the white one) he is extra adorable!!
just look at the way he sleeps!!!:
my little stinky pete!
don't get me wrong, petey's little sister is almost as cute (and much more photogenic)
who couldn't love this face?!:
the boys were so good with the puppies. solly loved playing puppy daddy:
their just like real babies. they eat, poop and sleep (and sleep and sleep and sleep some more)
rose was just as in love as the rest of us:
we also spent some time outside this weekend riding bikes and playing with chalk.
solly and his chalk man:
mojo & his chalk twin:
at the beginning of the weekend jake and i taught solly how to ride a bike...the next day he just would not, could not do it. so today he tried again and this time he GOT IT!! he's really cruising now. he spent about an hour outside today just riding up and down our street. then we took a break and he wanted to ride some more...but it was raining. turns out a little rain can't stop him! we spent another hour out in the rain and both the boys rode the WHOLE TIME!
a nice blurry shot of my little bikers:
such a big boy:

i spent the whole time under my umbrella :)

it was a pretty good weekend. although i could've used a little more time with my hubby. alas, his hours suck right now & when he does work its on the most ridiculous days & times. someday we'll get away again together. meanwhile, if anyone has any ideas on a good FREE getaway that i could take my man on i'd be happy to hear them. thanks!