Saturday, February 28, 2009

so tired...and sick of packing...

i hate packing.

i've been doing it for 3 days and i DON'T want to do it anymore. i would post a picture of the wall of boxes that is in the middle of the living room...but i'm to tired to turn around and take the picture.

i guess the good news is i'll pretty much be done tomorrow. but the bad news is i have to get everything done by then. so the real question is: why am i waisting time blogging about it when i could be finishing up?

ya, ya i'll get back to work now

Friday, February 27, 2009

i hate this word...

...but i am going to be 'busy' for the next week. it's sad but true. on sunday jake wants me to have pretty much everything we can't live without packed up and ready to move into our new garage. it'll wait there until the landlords son has all the repairs done on our new place and then we will start unpacking, moving in furniture and cleaning. once we have the essentials unpacked and usable we'll move us, our beds & clothes on in. i can't wait! we should be living in our own place by next has been WAY too long. but we'll never have to live in my parents house again.

by the way...i hate the word "busy" because my mom always says she's "soooo busy" when she's jake and i like to imagine she is saying "lazy" anytime she says "busy" and it's not only funny but it makes more sense!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


even though i knew it was coming, it was so great to see that package in the mailbox today! she even wrapped it in birthday paper and had a card!!!


my beautiful new flat iron

(this is the hottest flat iron i have EVER used)
that's right those are my favorite "friends"

but my heart is broken because my other best friend is in a slump and i don't know what to do to help her (besides praying...but that hasn't been working so well

gotta love my jacked up picture.

i love you sweetie. hugs and kisses

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

here we go.

i've really been dragging my butt this week. i know that i should be packing but i just don't want to (not that i don't want to move, packing just sucks) so today i dove in...sorta. i cleaned out my desk and under my bed. i think that's a pretty good start. and i found someone giving away moving boxes on craigslist so i'll be picking them up tomorrow and then i'm gonna get crack-a-lacklin. i think once i get started it'll go quickly. or at least i hope so.

Monday, February 23, 2009

i need a fanny pack...and a prozac!

today started out pretty awful! after a long night up with moses i dragged my butt out of bed and went to doing my cleaning at fankie's...1st off it was horrible i had to unclog a toilet that smelled like a sewer and then i had to clean chew out of a urinal (sometimes i don't think i get paid enough) so after cleaning all 7 toilets and 3 urinals (ugh) i was putting my cleaning supplies and i went out the back door to dump my mop water and "slam" i heard the door shut behind me...i didn't unlock the door nob (boy did i feel like a door nob) i was totally locked out my keys, my phone everything was inside(this is why i need a fanny pack). i found an office that was open and i asked to ise the phone...luckily one of the oh, 3 phone numbers i have memorized is chiaras i called her (oh it was about 6:45am) she is not a morning person...and as i expected she didn't answer but i left her a voicemail telling her to come and rescue me. i sat outside for a few min...and then i decided that i would have to walk the 10 blocks to chiaras house and pound on her door till she woke up. so after about 4 blocks my arms were frozen ( i only had a t-shirt on) and then i was coming up on block 7 when i saw a blue jeep in the distance, i said a quick prayer, then as it passed i saw that it was her and i waved my arms like some poor soul stuck on a desert island. she took me back to frankie's and let me in. by the time i got home it was 7:30 the time i am usually getting out of the shower and waking jake, no shower for me today. so, i thought "oh maybe i can sneak in and get solly out of bed and moses will sleep in while i go back to bed and jake takes solly to school" no such luck. but it all worked out for the better cause moses got up nice and early and was able to take a nap (while i finally got my shower).

rose cheered me up today tho...she is sending me my birthday present early and i know what it is, which is a present in itself because i hate surprises. thanks rose!!!!

so after this wild 1st half of my day. solly, moses, and i all headed up to lynnwood to have a birthday dinner with my in-laws. moses was feeling pretty good so i felt like it might be fun...well that was short lived after he was done eating he decided to flip out! i feel like i ruined my father-in laws birthday dinner with a snotty whining baby :(

but my whole day was made better when we got home from the disaster dinner and moses found his new favorite thing...the guitar.

look at those smiles!!!!

see him happy after days of being sick made my awful morning seem like weeks ago. seeing how fast these guys grow makes me realize that i need to slow down and not sweat the small stuff. so maybe i'll pass on the prozac for now(or at least till this weekend when i start packing)

ahhhhh...i think everything will be ok.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

church, barf & costco

yep. that sums up my day.
church was good. moses was feeling good. he was looking like he wanted to sleep forever by the time we left so i brought him straight home and put him down for a nap. about 45 min later he was awake and i went to get him and the next thing i remember was an explosion of barf and then a few small aftershocks. after he was clean and dressed we went to costco to stock up on diapers.
he is now happily sleeping...i wish i was.

i am going crazy. i know that i am moving soon...but it just doesn't feel soon enough. people in the house are acting more annoyed with me. i am as always more annoyed with them. i don't want to do anything but pack and get outta here!!! i suppose that means i should start packing...boy am i in for a shock when i start and realize how much crap i have laying around here. i don't care i'll pack it all up, get the heck out of here, then have a garage sale when i move!!!
hurry time, move faster!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

one of those days...

...i'm pooped. my day (against my will) started at 6 am. my poop mosey was coughing and was feeling a bit warm. so after getting him all taken care of i tried to get back to sleep before i had to get up at such luck (of course). so after listening to jake snore for almost an hour i dragged my butt outta bed and got in the shower. a gour later rose, mosey, solly and i were on the road to take rose home. so to yak and back i went again. moses fared the trip pretty well but by the time we got home he was feeling terrible. so i put him down for a nap and that didn't last long i usually let him talk to himself for a while after waking up but this time when i went in to get him he was sitting in barf (poor kid) so the rest of the evening i spent with moses glued to me...i mean i couldn't get 2 feet away from him. so jake got home from work and took over while i went to church to work in the nursery. after a painful hour and half of watching weird kids. i stopped at the store to find anything i could to help moses feel better. so i got home and did what i could for the poor little guy and got him to bed. i have a feeling that i'll be up more than once tonight. it's gonna be a long night to follow up my long day...and i'm already pooped out!

on a completely different note: blogging is weird i feel like i'm talking to myself...but somehow it's still fun. someday i'll have a cool blog...maybe when i finally get a life.

well goodnight friends...keep it classy!

Friday, February 20, 2009

oh well...

...after looking at my "before" and "after" pictures i think i like the before better. oh well. not much i can do about that now!

jake, rose, solly and i just got back from seeing 'paul blart: mall cop' and hoooeee is it ever funny! i think i laughed through the whole thing!

so tomorrow i'll be going to the "yak" and back again to take rose home :( i wish she didn't have to go. i suppose she'll be back soon anyways.

welp...time for bed.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the hair.

well rose and i had quite a laugh getting a picture of my hair...and then we couldn't get it from her camera to the computer so we just snapped a couple on my camera...



and my mini ponytail:

so...i'm not sure that i like it yet. but it's just hair it'll grow back. i will have better (and much funnier pictures in a couple days when rose can get the pictures off her camera!

so in other news...rose, mosey, solly and i were at the mall today having dinner and i couldn't help myself.

notice the "rose's bbq" sign in the background:

haha!!! i love you rose!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


i got a hair cut!!! it's only been like 9 months since my last one. i'm pretty happy with it. but i will not be posting a picture until i get to style it myself tomorrow.

so stay tuned!

rose you have to remind me to get a picture!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

portland, home, yak & back

so we made it home from portland after a nice breakfast with old friends we were off to see our boys!!!! we met up with jakes parents, solly and mojo at cabelas and it was WONDERFUL to see them again. we dilly dallied for a long time and had a late lunch and finally got home at 4 or 5. i hurry and unpacked and did laundry so it wouldn't sit around for weeks. i was ready to go to bed by 8pm!! (of course i didn't get to go to bed until like 10:30)
then this morning i got up at 7am and got the boys up and we headed over the mountains to get our rosey!!! we picked her up and after 3 flipping stops (solly chugged a whole bottle of water and had to go twice!!) we made it home in time for a nap (thanks goodness!!!) we're are sooooo glad to have rose here again. it always feel like someones missing when shes not here :(
soooo after nap time we went to target to get out of the was fuuunnn!! i could live at target :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

day 2 on the alien planet

who would have ever thought it would be so hard for me to be away from my boys for 2 nights...not me! but, boy it has been. i find myself looking at other peoples kids or saying things like "solly would love this". i miss my boys and i can't wait to see them tomorrow morning.
i did have fun today despite missing my boys. we took a drive up the gorge and took in some beautiful sites we went to a museum and just took things nice a slow. it was fun & relaxing. we went for the "safe" choice for lunch (no more pubs for us) and had olive garden, i was full before i even got my food. but it was sooooo good.
then we went to our friends wedding. and i must say, it was a really great wedding. they did things different but not weird just their way and it was fun. we got to see a few people that we haven't seen in over 6 years. and we enjoyed some good wedding pie (that's right! cake).
and now we're just trying to figure out what to do with ourselves for our last few hours alone. i'm thinking some tv and then a good nights sleep. sweet, sweet sleep....

oh yes, remember what i said about jake and the hair dryer...turns out he was drying the steam off the mirror for me!! isn't he just the best!?!?

day 1 on the alien planet

i survived my first day of vacation with no kids. it wasn't at easy as a thought. jake and i spent the day driving down to portland and then driving around portland. we thought it would be fun to go to a pub that one of our favorite authors talks about in some of his books...turns out we're not so much "pub" type people (but i enjoyed my meal) then we shopped and we only ended up with books for jake. so we went to a familiar place no matter what state we're (ahhh sweet target) after that we went and saw "he's just not that in to you" cute(ish) movie just really frustrating, but it did make me appreciate my husband a whole lot more.
even after such a great day i was feeling the sting of a disappointing valentines day and just as any woman would do i whined a this morning i woke up to my hubby sitting next to me and a trail of chocolates (by this i mean whole boxes of chocolates) leading to my favorite candy and a VERY funny (and in our own sick sense of humor, sweet) card. my sweet (annoying) hubby knows me all to well. he just wanted to wait till the day after so he could buy me twice as much for half the price and i can't get mad about that :)
so our plans for today are to drive down the gorge and see the sites and do some shopping. i hope to take some pictures today too. then later this evening we do what we came here to do....go to a wedding (i almost forgot that's why we're here)

p.s. i just heard jake turn on the hair dryer in the bathroom...thats not normal...

Friday, February 13, 2009

it's a wee bit better

so good.

i have a lot to do to get ready for our weekend. but i'm hopeful that i can get it all done.

jake and i both saw the duplex today and have decided to go for it! we need our own space. we've been living in other peoples space for way to long. it's not a huge place but it's perfect. with just enough room for rose (and other visitors). it has a nice big fenced yard and its across the street from a huge park. i am trilled.

today feels like christmas :D

Thursday, February 12, 2009

today sucks

i thought today was going to be one of those busy yet wonderful such luck. i went to see a duplex that we might rent and it was ok but i jake wasn't able to come with me so i had to report everything to him and try to by a good judge for the both of us. then i was going to see my beloved ashley but that didn't work out. then on my way home my sister tells me that the kid that was gonna buy my old van cant now (which means no extra money for me weekend away with jake)...that was just the poop icing on the cake of my day :(

a quick stop at mcd's for a big mac cheered me up a tiny bit. but now i just feel like a pig.

maybe tomorrow will be better...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3 hours later...

...still snowing. yuck. the pictures may look blurry...but that's just because of the snow blowing in the wind.

i meant to get pictures again before it got to dark. but i took an unexpected cat nap during the backyardigans. by the time it was over it was getting dark...oh well.

i hope you're enjoying this ashley!

ugh!'s been snowing all day the amount of time it took to get these pictures to load i think we got about an inch of snow...ugh.

oh well solly should have some fun when he gets home from school :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

snow, trailer parks & crib jumping

this is one of those days that you wish that you could just stay in bed! i woke up at 5 am to do my weekly cleaning at frankies pizza and wouldn't ya know it! SNOW! there wasn't much and i could tell that it just started coming down...but still not what you want to deal with at 5 am.
after getting home and taking solly to school jake, moses and i headed off to a local trailer park to look at a "modular home" that is for sale. although i'm not wild about the idea of living in such a place i am wild about the amount of space that are in those houses!
so after a quick drive around town looking for more living options we headed home. where moses tried his best to single handedly tear the house apart...after about 2 hours of chasing him from one mess to another it was nap time (thank you jesus!) so down he went and it was time for jakes monthly hair cut in the bathroom. once he was all beautified i cleaned the mess with my mini vac and was heading down the hall to put things away when i heard a loud "thud" coming from mosey's room...he's 1 2/2 i knew immediately what had happened...and when i got to his room 1.3 seconds later there he was in a heap on the floor. my poor baby!! he just leaned a little too far over that crib railing. after some cuddling and cartoons it was nap time round 2! worked like a charm and i got a nice little nap myself.
oh and it continued to snow, hail and sleet though out the rest of the day...ick!

now if i can just make it through the next 2 hours to bed time i'll consider myself lucky!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

its just a cat!!!

so, yesterday i waisted my WHOLE day with my mom trying to find my grandma a cat as a birthday present. turns out adopting a cat is almost as hard as adopting a child...who knew. i really just wanted to yell "IT'S JUST A CAT" but i didn't think that it would help our chances of walking out of there with a cat. so like 3 hours later we left with we a great little kitty, well actually its a 5 years old cat but he is very sweet. he came with the name zeke (witch he only had for 2 weeks while he was at the shelter). it took my grandma all of about 5 min to rename his "pretty boy". in just a few hours we're having a little family birthday party for her. i hope to take lots of pictures and then figure out how to post them on this crazy (boring) blog.

Friday, February 6, 2009

what to write about?...hummm....

i just had the best day ever...almost. i got to spend time with my beautiful sister, rachel...although i could've done without seeing her mostly naked at victorias secret (only because it makes me realize how much hotter she is than me.) and then the two of us picked up my beloved ashley for some yummy lunch (who am i kidding? it was more like 3 meals at once) at the olive garden. YUM.
of corse it was all balanced out when i got home and the boys are jumping all over the place & the house is a wreck. oh well, i love my mom for watching them.
life is good.