Monday, February 9, 2009

snow, trailer parks & crib jumping

this is one of those days that you wish that you could just stay in bed! i woke up at 5 am to do my weekly cleaning at frankies pizza and wouldn't ya know it! SNOW! there wasn't much and i could tell that it just started coming down...but still not what you want to deal with at 5 am.
after getting home and taking solly to school jake, moses and i headed off to a local trailer park to look at a "modular home" that is for sale. although i'm not wild about the idea of living in such a place i am wild about the amount of space that are in those houses!
so after a quick drive around town looking for more living options we headed home. where moses tried his best to single handedly tear the house apart...after about 2 hours of chasing him from one mess to another it was nap time (thank you jesus!) so down he went and it was time for jakes monthly hair cut in the bathroom. once he was all beautified i cleaned the mess with my mini vac and was heading down the hall to put things away when i heard a loud "thud" coming from mosey's room...he's 1 2/2 i knew immediately what had happened...and when i got to his room 1.3 seconds later there he was in a heap on the floor. my poor baby!! he just leaned a little too far over that crib railing. after some cuddling and cartoons it was nap time round 2! worked like a charm and i got a nice little nap myself.
oh and it continued to snow, hail and sleet though out the rest of the day...ick!

now if i can just make it through the next 2 hours to bed time i'll consider myself lucky!


  1. Oh poor baby! I hope you made it through those last 2 hours.

  2. aww that's super sad poor moses.

    trailer parks aren't too bad i loved living in hours wayyyyyy more than in the gross old house!