Monday, October 11, 2010


today grammy (my mom) and i took the boys to the zoo. woodland park has always (always) been my favorite and it didn't let me down today!!
we saw all kinds of animals (almost all of them) and to top it all off the weather was B.E.A.utiful!!

* * *

as i was getting ready to take this picture i said "solomon! look over here" and i guy that was walking by stopped and said "you know, solomon is the name of the artist who created this sculpture" we thought that was pretty cool:

my little monkeys at the zoo:

we got to see this elephant do it's business (#1 and #2) moses was thoroughly impressed!!

it was a really great day
*** moses' one liner of the day: while watching the elk eat carrots one elk turned to walk away and when moses saw his "bare" (light colored) bum he said "*gasp* hims butts is gone!! holy smokes!!"
i love that kid!!! ***