Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my day.

so jake and i kinda forgot to help solly build his awana race car. so today at 4 solly and i built a just about an hour. i was pretty proud. until i saw the look on his face and the tears started after he didn't win a trophy! it was so sad. i thought i would be better to let him have fun painting and making the design and then we get there and some of the cars were ridiculous, most of the cars were entirely done by the patents and then you could tell that kids just put stickers on at the end. i didn't find it very fair. but i guess better luck next year.

all ready to race:
. . . . .

after i dropped solly at awana moses and i took a drive. and i realized i had my camera on me for once! so i decided to take pictures of my most favorite place in the world; enumclaw. so here are a few things that i love about my home :)
highland cattle eatin some hay.

a huge horse/mule thing just chillin

i have always loved that sometimes you have to wait for and drive around tractors.
and you can't have enumclaw without cows :)

even though this mountain and i have a love/hate relationship
i still love mt. peak

and this is just plain funny!
check out that dog takin a dump!

Monday, April 27, 2009

our weekend

jake and moses pondering life.
jake parents came over on saturday. jake's mom, judy, wanted to help solly make a garden.
he had a lot of fun!
the finished product. all the empty spots either have seeds or are waiting for other plants. but it will eventually be full.
and then jakes dad, david, built the boys a sand box. solly, of course, was the first one in
but moses wasn't far behind.
they were having so much fun, that i couldn't get them to hold still long enough to get a clear picture!
by the time they were done they were SO dirty. so i made them strip on the back patio and head straight for the tub.
clean up was almost as much fun as getting dirty! but i did have to wash their hair twice to get all the sand out.
and them moses and i cuddling before bedtime on sunday. even though my head is still large it's encouraging to see how much weight i'm losing in my face. (but this picture also makes me realize that it might be time for some new clothes!)
after moses went to bed anthony, becca, jake and i all went to see the moving 'knowing' and i must say it was SO retarded. it was worst than the newest indiana jones (and that was BAD) but it was still fun to go on a little double date. the most entertaining part was the guy about 3 or 4 rows in front of us was snoring (really loud) and it made jake giggle like a little girl!

Friday, April 24, 2009

take a hike!

my darling little sister has been draggin me on hikes lately...not that i am not willing, i'm just out of shape. today we did mt. peak. it was a lot of fun. but i just can't wait for this to get easier!!

this was my view most of the time...rachel waiting for me:

enumclaw from about half way up:

some wildlife i caught looking at us:
(oops a bit fuzzy)

rachel decided this looked like weed:

so she thought she'd try to smoke it:
(what a tard)

my favorite girls!! rachie and riley jo:

riley and i at the TOP:

this picture alone is reason enough to workout...and get some sun
(of course everyone looks fat & white next to rach)
the 3 of us at the top! yay:

next week i take on tiger mountain (or poo poo point as anna calls it...?) last week it kicked my butt and i only made it half week that mountain doesn't stand a chance!!!
i love my rachie for kicking my butt in to shape. but someday somehow i'll figure out how to inflict as much pain on her as she has on me! *love you big/little*

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

holy moses!!

so a few days ago moses, much to my dismay, figured out how to open the fridge (oh the horror) so today he was bringing me things like a pop and cream cheese...ya know the sorts of things you "need" while you're sitting on the couch. so he toddled back to the fridge to see what else i might "need" when i heard a lot of strange *plop*crack* sounds...and then it registered in my brain..."oh no!! the EGGS" that's right 16 of them to be exact...
and what goes better with eggs than cool whip & cheese?
fortunately for him, i was in a good mood. and was able to laugh it off...but when i asked him if he was naughty this is what he would do:
this is what i get for letting him watch curious george today. he's lucky he's so cute!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

while you were sleeping

so i've NEVER been a morning person. ever. but this week i've been getting up very early to workout. and i am discovering the things that i have been missing.

like this:

Monday, April 20, 2009

lot's a pictures

these are some pictures that i've taken over the past week or so and i finally decided it was now or here they are

this is the best picture i could get of the 2 of us...jake is such a poor sport!

moses chowing down some ice cream in front of the tv

i asked him to "smile" and this is what i got!
(it's got a hint of evil in it)

my boys and their sweet bike! solly has a hummer and moses has a jeep


solly was sick all weekend...and this was his happy place

moses on the other hand found his happy place in the back yard

this morning i walked out of the house to see this UFO cloud headed for mt. rainer!

moses eating candy, playing guitar and watching a movie...what a boy!

solly decided to make himself soup not sure he could've found a bigger bowl!
(and my counter is a little orange because he spilled his fanta all over)

ah yes,finally my poor white legs...they are so white they are almost transparent!!
i hope this nice weather sticks around a while. my legs need the sun!!

i did it

i managed to get outta bed this morning and work out for 20 min and then get to frankies and get my cleaning done all before my boys got outta bed! woohoo for me! but if im gonna keep this up im gonna have to start going to bed earlier!!

i have about a billion pictures to post...i just don't feel like doing it right now. it's to nice out to be inside on my computer. i think it's time to go outside!

peace out!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

why, oh why??

my poor solomon is sick. and when he gets sick its not pretty. he just has a cold, but at least once a year he gets a cough that is like's pretty much like asthma. he stayed home from school on friday and we also skipped church today and im pretty sure that he'll be home from school tomorrow too :( i just want him to get better.
OH YES!! and it doesnt help that while moses and i were at a wedding reception this evening jake decided it would be a good idea to watch the movie signs with solomon...they didn't even make it through the whole movie and now solomon is scared of EVERYTHING, i had to go with him to pee!!! and it was still light a matter of fact it is 10:15pm right now and the poor kid is still awake laying in my bed right now. jake is normally the over protective one about everything!! it is SO unlike him to let solly watch something like that. i was shocked. jake, of course, feels really bad now. poor solly :(

in other news:
i FINALLY pulled my elliptical machine out today and i am suppose to have my first appointment with it very early tomorrow so early that i have to do it before i go and do my frankies cleaning :P yuck. it all just sounds like too much work to me. but i know that it will all be worth it in the end...when i am smoking hot ;)
well, wish me luck...

Friday, April 17, 2009

i must have dropped my brain somewhere along the way...

so my darling little sister drug my fat butt outta the house today and tried to get me to hike up a mountain (only 3 miles round trip) but since i haven't worked out pretty much since it was required to graduate...lets just saw i didn't do so good. it also didn't help that i barley ate breakfast (toast and a brownie were not the best choice) and i have a cold. but i really did my best and she was very understanding that i was close to death. but her big plan is to hike every friday so i suppose i have some work to do in the this week to be ready for next weeks hike.
so now that i am back home with my sick little boys all i want to do is sit in my chair and be warmed by the computer in my lap (feels good on sore thighs) i don't have any motivation to do ANYTHING :/ so i think i'll just keep blogging...

...the other day i was telling a friend how i was so proud that solly had perfect attendance so far this year. well, i should've knocked on wood. he is stuck at home with a bark of a cough and a sore throat. so along with moses and his new found allergy's we're quite the bunch of sicklings.

...rose went home today :( she decided to grace us with her presents for the week, and we are always happy to have her. now if i could just find her a job here then she could move here and save on gas :)

...i miss my friends. during this move i have found a lot of old pictures and yesterday i watched my wedding video. why is it that when we grow up we somehow lose friends along the way? who knows. all i know is that i am glad to still have a few of them(only the best one of course) i just wish that i could see them more. maybe if i didn't sit in this chair blogging all day i could find time to see them.

...jake is working his butt off these days at both work and church. he is helping out at youth group and also teaching sunday school while the regular youth pastor is on sabbatical. he loves working with youth again. it's nice to see him in ministry again.

...rose and i went and saw hannah montana(the movie) while she was here...and i LOVE it. it's a really cute and very funny movie. i had NEVER watched hannah montana before seeing the movie and i still loved it!!!

alright i think it's time to get up and do something with my day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

so bored

it has been one of those week. trying to recover from birthday party/spring break craziness. it took me until today to finally get the house clean. i feel so much better having everything in it's place.

i have been addicted to farm town on facebook and i've been watching live stream of pair of eagles take turns sitting on their eggs here i love these crazy birds!!

i'm so bored and i can't think of anything else to write...and i have a head ache...but at least my house is clean :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


i'm having one of those days

i'm working hard to get things done...but in the process i have TRASHED the house. and if my camera was working i would prove it. but moses decided to suck on it this morning and now it doesn't feel like taking pictures. witch is perfect since i finally managed to dig out stuff to sell on craigslist.

and my tooth (or half of a tooth) is starting to ache. the tylenol has finally kicked in and it's not to bad. but i know that i can't ignore it forever.

and now moses doesn't want to take his nap.

oh well on the bright side i went shopping for jeans yesterday and i am officially one size smaller. now i just need to get myself back up on the bandwagon so that i can get down another 2 sizes. that would be perfect. now that i've gotten all the pop outta my house this shouldn't be a problem! and by next weekend my garage WILL be cleaned out and i will be able to workout. i just need to get off my butt right now and work this done.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

par-tay time!!

today we had solomon's birthday party. i was a lot of fun and the weather could NOT have been better. i am so thankful. solly had a wonderful time. it was a great day.

my birthday boy

cupcakes, mini ice cream and mini diet coke. so cute.

gift frenzy

our perfect day and our perfect view.

pinata fun

look at all that candy getting ready to burst outta there.

woohoo!! candy!!
all in all a really great day. thanks to everyone who came. it meant a lot to me and especially to solly.

my boys

if a picture is worth a thousand words...then here's about 8 thousand words :)