Monday, October 11, 2010


today grammy (my mom) and i took the boys to the zoo. woodland park has always (always) been my favorite and it didn't let me down today!!
we saw all kinds of animals (almost all of them) and to top it all off the weather was B.E.A.utiful!!

* * *

as i was getting ready to take this picture i said "solomon! look over here" and i guy that was walking by stopped and said "you know, solomon is the name of the artist who created this sculpture" we thought that was pretty cool:

my little monkeys at the zoo:

we got to see this elephant do it's business (#1 and #2) moses was thoroughly impressed!!

it was a really great day
*** moses' one liner of the day: while watching the elk eat carrots one elk turned to walk away and when moses saw his "bare" (light colored) bum he said "*gasp* hims butts is gone!! holy smokes!!"
i love that kid!!! ***

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a big month

september is proving to be a BIG month for my little/big man. 1st he learns to ride a bike and today he came home from school looking like this:

that's right! he lost his 1st tooth. it's exciting, but at the same time such a sad thing for this comes the big goofy permanent teeth....sigh

(i must say, i LOVE this picture!)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i have a plan...

someday i'm going to run away...if you need me i'll be right here:

(the solomon islands, by the way)

Monday, September 6, 2010

the long weekend

this labor day weekend we had ourselves all kinds 'o' fun here at home. it all started on thursday when i brought home puppies that i had the privilege to babysit for the weekend. they belong to my friend/boss and they are cute enough to EAT!

petey & tink: i am pretty much in love with little petey (the white one) he is extra adorable!!
just look at the way he sleeps!!!:
my little stinky pete!
don't get me wrong, petey's little sister is almost as cute (and much more photogenic)
who couldn't love this face?!:
the boys were so good with the puppies. solly loved playing puppy daddy:
their just like real babies. they eat, poop and sleep (and sleep and sleep and sleep some more)
rose was just as in love as the rest of us:
we also spent some time outside this weekend riding bikes and playing with chalk.
solly and his chalk man:
mojo & his chalk twin:
at the beginning of the weekend jake and i taught solly how to ride a bike...the next day he just would not, could not do it. so today he tried again and this time he GOT IT!! he's really cruising now. he spent about an hour outside today just riding up and down our street. then we took a break and he wanted to ride some more...but it was raining. turns out a little rain can't stop him! we spent another hour out in the rain and both the boys rode the WHOLE TIME!
a nice blurry shot of my little bikers:
such a big boy:

i spent the whole time under my umbrella :)

it was a pretty good weekend. although i could've used a little more time with my hubby. alas, his hours suck right now & when he does work its on the most ridiculous days & times. someday we'll get away again together. meanwhile, if anyone has any ideas on a good FREE getaway that i could take my man on i'd be happy to hear them. thanks!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

this 'n that

a couple weeks ago moses was poopy and solly and i had the following conversation:

solly: "moooooom moses stinks!! change his diaper!!"
mama: "why don't you do it?!"
solly: "REALLY?!!?"
mama: "sure, why not?"
solly: gasp "you're the best mom EVER!!"

and so he changed his diaper (with mama & daddy supervising, of course) they both thought it was the funniest thing ever...but, i'm sure that it won't be happening again:

when the weather was still warm moses enjoyed watching over our street while we had the front door open. he would just sit and sing little songs to himself. it was pretty good:

moses also likes to get a hold of my camera whenever possible. this was one of the better pictures he took:

he insisted that i take his picture in the sandbox and now he LOVES looking at this picture. it's pretty cute!!:

a few weeks ago, i was in the kitchen i heard moses puffing and chuffing in the back i peeked out to see what he was up to. and this is what i saw:
he thought he was going to ride his bike down the slide....crazy kid.
now that school has started (which i forgot to get a 1st day of 2nd grade picture of solly) i am hoping that life can be somewhat normal again (fingers crossed)

Monday, August 16, 2010

best. summer. ever.

the fun never ends around here. really.
saturday we went mini golfing with the in-laws (all of them, for a grand total of 11 breeces!)

moses didn't quite get his form right:

solly, on the other hand, played the role of golfer quite nicely:

while gardening on saturday evening i spotted a little lizard running around so i grabbed it, showed the boys and let it lose. they proceeded to follow, name (moses picked "joseph") and chase it into the house and under the couch. so after moving furniture around and retrieving the little guy we put him back in a nice safe place. the boys then sat there and talked to little joesph for quite a while.

they are so cute:

sunday after church & lunch we filled our van with people (us, rose & my parents) and we headed towards the mountains in search of cooler weather! we made it to sunrise and up near mt. rainier and it was a whooping 30 degrees cooler up there. so we went for a little hike!

a few of us on the trail:

moses was quite the trooper:

mama & boys taking a quick break:

today i took my boys to a friends house who just happens to live on a lake!!

this little man loves the water!!:

look! no hands! (he FREAKED out when i let go of him, but he did great!)

they were hard to get IN into the water...but once they were there they were impossible to get out!!

solly in "cannon ball" action!

little stinker would not get out of the water!!

this summer has been so full of unexpected (and barley planned) fun. it's great and exhausting all at the same time. can't wait to see what happens next!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

the fun parts of my week...

this week was long and a bit stressful. but i did manage to have a lot of fun in the process. like on wednesday i went to my kaydees house and we got to hang out with a friend from bible college that we haven't seen in almost 10 years!!

oh yeah...and the "babies" got to play
moses is trying to kiss liam. liam's not having it!

after kaydees house i drove as fast as i could to get back to the claw to pick up solly from art camp (i was 45 min late...) then ran home to make 8 batches of frosting i sat down for 5 min. and then was off to seattle to see one of my oldest friends, kari, on the eve of her birthday!!

the only thing that makes the traffic worth it:

as i was arriving in seattle my sister called and invited us out on the boat. so after kari and i had some drinks and some appetisers (at a very fancy restaurant on lake union) anna and colin pulled up RIGHT where we were sitting and picked us up in the 50 foot sail boat!

my beautiful sister at the wheel:

'white and nerdy' is what comes to mind when i see this picture:

cool flags on the boat:

the view coming back into lake union:

then after another busy day of baking cupcakes i went out to the store for ice cream and got distracted by the moon setting into the sunset!!


then friday finally came!! sollys last day of art camp!! his new bff, austin, came home with us for a while and i thought we would just hang out and play legos...until my sister called (again) and invited us to go to the lake with them. i would have pictures from the lake if i hadn't left my purse at home (the perminate home of my camera)

so we'll fast forward to the show that the kids put on at art camp!

group song (solly is the 4th head from the left):

these two are joined at the hip!

doing the skit "chainsaw" very cute!

now we're off to play mini golf with the in-laws. the fun never ends around here!!!