Monday, August 16, 2010

best. summer. ever.

the fun never ends around here. really.
saturday we went mini golfing with the in-laws (all of them, for a grand total of 11 breeces!)

moses didn't quite get his form right:

solly, on the other hand, played the role of golfer quite nicely:

while gardening on saturday evening i spotted a little lizard running around so i grabbed it, showed the boys and let it lose. they proceeded to follow, name (moses picked "joseph") and chase it into the house and under the couch. so after moving furniture around and retrieving the little guy we put him back in a nice safe place. the boys then sat there and talked to little joesph for quite a while.

they are so cute:

sunday after church & lunch we filled our van with people (us, rose & my parents) and we headed towards the mountains in search of cooler weather! we made it to sunrise and up near mt. rainier and it was a whooping 30 degrees cooler up there. so we went for a little hike!

a few of us on the trail:

moses was quite the trooper:

mama & boys taking a quick break:

today i took my boys to a friends house who just happens to live on a lake!!

this little man loves the water!!:

look! no hands! (he FREAKED out when i let go of him, but he did great!)

they were hard to get IN into the water...but once they were there they were impossible to get out!!

solly in "cannon ball" action!

little stinker would not get out of the water!!

this summer has been so full of unexpected (and barley planned) fun. it's great and exhausting all at the same time. can't wait to see what happens next!

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  1. You gotta love summers! So glad your having a great one!