Tuesday, August 10, 2010


since i've been on a "blogging hiatus" (a.k.a. too lazy to blog) i thought i'd catch you up on our summer so far...using pictures. so here it goes. *keep in mind that my captions come before the picture...i know i'm backwards, it's just the way my brain works*


we visted jake's parents around fathers day & his brother & his family were able to join us as well for the day. the kids had a blast playing together:

all the breece boys & their children:

moses turned 3!!:


after watching fireworks we recreated a family photo that we took 3 years earlier when moses was just 5 days old...three years makes a big difference!:

ahhh the heat. summer finally arrived sometime after the 4th of july:

my kids know how to enjoy this tiny pool!:

a friend gave us tickets for creation so i braved it one night to take the boys to see david crowder (if you were to zoom in between my forehead & the guy with the hat on head you could see david crowder):

solly had swimming lessons and did GREAT! this is one of my favorite pictures...the elementary back stroke:

the street fair was a big deal this year...so we checked it out for a bit and mojo got to go on his 1st roller coaster ride with his "brudder" (isn't solly the best big brother?!):

then we took a trip to the oregon coast with jakes parents. it was a 1st for both of my boys:

what could be better?!:

the 1st thing moses said when he laid eyes on the beach was "SANDBOX!!!":

i did some research online one night at the hotel and found out there was a cool ship wreck close by. it was one of my favorite parts of the trip:


jakes mom took a week off to spend time with the boys. so i took them up to see her and stayed a few nights and then left solly there for the rest of the week. but, before i left...we hit the beach!

i want this picture on my wall!!:

hummm, i wonder why solly went to bed with a tooth ache tonight...?:

so that is (just part of) our summer...so far. now that i'm caught up i'll try to stay on top of this crazy blog. one of these days i'll take a picture of my camera and write all about it...cause i think everyone would be much more impressed with my pictures if you knew what i was working with.

ah yes, and this is my favorite non-person picture of the summer:


  1. Glad to see you're back : )

    What a fun summer! Love all the great pictures!

  2. THAT'S a lot of catching up!!
    Busy summer!!

    <3 it!