Thursday, July 30, 2009

honest s-crap

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thanks ashley for passing this "award" on to me something to do on such a hot day.

the rules:
***thank the person who gave you this award(thanks ash)
***post 10 honest facts about yourself
***pass this award on to 7 others (i too will not pass this on to 7 people...but rather 2 people)

1) i'm pretty sure that i would be close to the perfect mom and wife...if only i could learn (or even want to learn) to cook. i have the baking thing down...i just hate to cook.

2) i have no will power. i have been over weight for about 8 or 9 years. and even thought i HATE the way i look. i cannot seem to find the motivation to loose the weight.

3) i have been happily married for 7 years, 11 months and 25 days. and although a LOT has changed in that time and we're not where we hoped we'd be i am still happy!! there are a million reason i love jake, and everyday i find at least one more reason.

4) i miss my friends from "back in the day" and i feel like because i was the first to get married and move away that it's my fault that we're no longer in touch.

5) someday i'll go to beauty school. but not until both my boys are in school. my current job keeps me too busy for school.

6) i am addicted to the following: diet coke, farkle, facebook, pineapple, jodi picolt books, grey's anatomy, football, band of brothers and blogging.

7) sometimes i think that having another baby would be fun...and then i remember sleepless nights, nursing, and just plain starting all over again and then i remember why i'm happy with two boys. i'll enjoy other peoples babies until i have grandchildren!

8) someday i want to drive on route 66 from one end to the other. "It winds from Chicago to LA, more than two thousand miles all the way. Get your kicks on Route sixty-six"

9) i find it really strange that i like to blog. because i have always HATED to write. and even more, i HATE even more when people read what i write. but blogging is fun and i love it when people read and comment on my posts.

10) i wish i could knock some sense into church's....they need to realize that my husband is a GREAT youth pastor!

and now i pass this "award" onto heavy metal & bryndaline (you know who you are)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mojo potato!

a friend of mine took this sweet picture of moses a few weeks ago. i just LOVE it. it captures the mischievousness of my little boy

Saturday, July 25, 2009

street fair...breece style!

today i woke up feeling pretty grumpy. but i fought all urge to let the grumpiness take over. i was determined to get out and have some family fun if it killed me. we made it downtown for the street fair. it was a little lame. but we managed to find some (free) fun :)
my boys did NOT want me to take their picture!
(and by boys i mean JAKE)

look out! solly's driving a firetruck!!

me and my boyfriend!

the best part? the FREE bible dress up & picture. moses, of course, dressed up like moses. solomon, of course, dressed like king solomon.
it doesn't get much cuter that this!
it was so hot today so we came home and played in the kiddie pool & relaxed with our boys.

i'm not so much looking forward to the heat that is coming over the next week. but, we'll live...maybe.

Friday, July 24, 2009

fun filled week!!

i was very excited to get a call last week inviting solomon to an art day camp. solomon had SO much fun this week. he would come home so excited but he never wanted to tell me what they were doing because he wanted all of it to be a surprise on parents night.
solomon coming back from "camp" one afternoon
also this week solomon and i discovered that his carrots in the garden were getting pretty "big" so he wanted to try one!
SO excited!!

he even ate it...

...the WHOLE thing!
(i don't know what moses was doing back there!)

yes, that's both my kids in the pool with ALL their clothes on!

moses, being the stunt baby that he is, did a back flip off the coffee table and ended up with a goose egg on his head and i rug burn on his nose. yes, i realize that a coffee table is not the safest place for a toddler to be sitting but he does it all the time with no problems...but now the coffee table is off limits to baby bums.
"check out my bruise!"

solomon planted a sunflower in sunday school months ago. the little seed he planted sure his done well. it went through two pots before finding a long term home in our front yard. i swear this thing grows 6 inches everyday! it's going to be huge!!!

so after a fun filled week at art camp it was finally parents night. he showed us around the "camp" it's in the woods...and it is SO cool!! he showed us the different stations for painting and pottery and everything else. mrs. K and the camp councilors had taken most of the kid's art and hung it on trees throughout the camp so we got to go on an art hunt to find all of solly's creations.
with his painting and easel

solly, daddy & grammy finding his walking stick

moses even had a ton of fun!

and then the kids put on a show for us with skits and songs. it was hilarious!! they did such a great job and had SO much fun.

solly's art.
(easel, bird bath, mushroom, garfield puppet & sun face)

and his castle on a rock!
the only thing i didn't get a picture of was his walking picture a stick about 4 feet tall with feathers attached with twine at the top. there, now you've seen how wonderfully creative my son is! and how fun filled a week with two crazy boys can be.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

you ask, i deliever.

for rachie and rose, who have been waiting about a week for a new it is. i am still suffering from bloggers block. but i figured i could just get over it and come up with something. so here you have it. pictures from the past week. there aren't many, but they should entertain you for all of 3 minuets :D
solly-mid haircut

driving and talking on the cell phone is not nearly as dangerous as making oreo cheesecake cupcakes and talking on the phone. (and yes, they were SO GOOD)

solly's pumpkin patch is in bloom.
we're gonna have a ton of pumpkins this fall!

alex, nico & mojo rockin out at the stairs house

awwwww, i NEVER get to take pictures of moses sleeping because he's such a light sleeper but last saturday he was so pooped that i managed to get a couple. how cute is he?!?!

last saturday we also visited my lovely kaydee who is "busy" growing a baby. we had fun just getting to see each other again. (the sun was too bright for solly)

OH! also, last saturday was FREE slurpee day at 7eleven they were TINY, but it was hot out so we enjoyed every minuet of it!!!

and this one picture can sum up the past week. hanging out in the back yard while the boys "swim" in their tiny pool. the weather has been wonderful and i am thankful for that.
this next week will bring us all kinds of fun stuff. solomon will be attending art day camp in the woods. rose will be with us for a few days before all my older children (anthony, becca and rose) head off to South Dakota for the annual mission trip. and i'm sure other unexpected things will come up this week.
so there you have it. 8 blogs in one. i hope it was all you dream of girlie's! love you!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

oh well

better luck next time.

my great plan was foiled by 4 crazy kids. my nieces came over and with them and my two boys it was all i could do to hold the house together. so maybe i'll get the weeds pulled tomorrow.

bloggers block...

...i am suffering from bloggers block as well as housewife's block. that's right i don't want to do anything. it seems my get-up-&-go that i had last week got up and went. BLERG!!

my friend gave me the idea of picking a task and going for it. so since i've already forced myself to start laundry, do dishes and tidy the house. my next task will be: step 1: get OFF the computer step 2: pull the choke weed out of the garden.

wish me luck!

Friday, July 10, 2009

tony + bex

this blog's for my teenage kids (who just happen to be dating each other...don't worry none of us are actually related) so, apperently becca thinks she has ugly of course anthony just HAD to rip off her socks and check 'em out. and i just happen to have my camera handy >:) i think they're cute!!! but what do you think??
becca's piggies
then after moses bath i combed his hair...and anthony decided he needed to "groom" becca...well come to think of, becca started it.
the joy's of backcombing
(this is a face that becca makes when she's not happy...i love it)

ohhhh someone's in BIG trouble

payback!!! becca using moses toothbrush on anthony

moses doesn't even notice the two of them fighting behind him...he's too busy reading his book

all better! i like anthonys "who me?" face.
happy "3" tomorrow guys!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i love my boys. i really do. i woke up this morning to the sound of the boys laughing and "talking" to each other. if i don't get up right away solly will get up open their curtains and keep moses company until i get in there to get him.
(he was really happy,
just mad that i hadn't picked him up yet)
so, today we got a nice little package in the mail! (isn't it cute?) inside was a t-shirt for moses from rose for his birthday
and he LOVES it!! he enjoyed showing everyone his new shirt! (i'm just glad a got a picture of him in his new shirt while it was still clean...because after cupcakes & chicken tacos for dinner it wasn't lookin so great)
this is moses idea of a "smile" for the camera...funny kid!
so today i also went on a baking spree...i started with cupcakes as a birthday gift for one of my favorite people, lynette. i don't get to do cupcakes for girls very often so i went for it using pink and purple!! she (of course) loved them!
then i got home from cupcake delivering and made dinner (chicken tacos, as i mentioned earlier) and decided to keep baking. so i started with blueberry muffins (nothing fancy, a mix)
then onto brownies (again, a mix)
and last but not least, chocolate chip cookies.
i'm pretty sure that someone out there lost their "get-up-n-go" this week...and i found it. first with an all day house cleaning and then a full day of baking all while keeping my clean house, clean. that's right my kitchen is spotless right now :) it was a GREAT day!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

all done!!

√ laundry

√ clean the bathroom

√ sweep, mop & vacuum (the ENTIRE HOUSE)

√ dishes

not only did i get my WHOLE list done...i went above and beyond! here is what else i got done:

√ clean my closet & bedroom

√ cleaned the boys bedroom

√ scrubbed the kitchen counters and everything on them

√ took the cushions off the couch and vacuumed under there (so gross)

√ washed all the guest bedding & made beds

√ washed grubby hand prints off of everything

grubby hand print:

during cleaning:

solly didn't let me bother him one bit:
the way my house is suppose to look!

it feels so good to have my house clean and just the way i want it!! and i just needed there to be evidence out there that it can happen :)

to do:


•clean the bathroom

•sweep, mop & vacuum


now...lets just see if i can get this all done today. i might not seem like much...but you don't know what my house looks like right now!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

slug at the dump

no this is not a punch line of a dirty joke. it's what i saw when we went to the dump today to drop off some cardboard
just another thing i love about living in washington!!

my very long weekend...

...all started with a yard sale friday morning. the dreaded sale started at 9 and i gave up at 5. i made it to my goal of over $200!! i have a few bigger items to sell on craigslist. but the rest i "donated" to the church garage sale. now i just need to do some more clearing and organizing in my garage and i'll be one happy lady!
then after cleaning up the yard sale mess...and then the house (the boys TRASHED it while i was busy with the yard sale) our friends, Mat & Ramie, came down to visit us from BC and on saturday we showed them an all american 4th of july!
we started with breakfast at the kettle!! SO GOOD!! (*side note* while we were there we ran into one of our old youth group kids from selah, Max, it was SO weird! but so good to see him!!) then we went downtown enumclaw for the 'stars and stripes' parade. it was SO hot, but also SO much fun!! then it was nap time (for moses) while he slept we played...and sat around the back yard
we are all hooked on a game on jake's ipod!
then moses woke up and had a quick bite to eat
(with his bodyguards)
then we headed to becca's house for a bbq and to just hang out.

and to blow things up of course!!

poor gwenivere with her muzzle
its obvious that he loves me!
moses was getting SO tired so we brought him home and put him to bed. jake took the canadians & solly to the firework show that the city of enumclaw puts on while i stayed home and watched fireworks in the neighborhood and baked moses birthday cake
it "only" took me until 3am to finish frosting the cake...not to shabby since i didn't have the supplies i really needed.
then sunday it was par-tay time!!! we had close to 30 people over to celebrate moses turning 2!! we had a lot of fun
ashley even came over
grandpa helping with the candle
it was a great weekend...i'm just glad that it's over! i slept until 11 this morning (something that i did not think i could do anymore) and i am still fighting off a stupid cold. so i have very little planned for the rest of the week (thank goodness!!)
i would like to thank everyone that came to mojo's party for coming and loving my little man!! it meant so much to me!! he had a great day!