Thursday, July 30, 2009

honest s-crap

[honest-scrap.<span class=

thanks ashley for passing this "award" on to me something to do on such a hot day.

the rules:
***thank the person who gave you this award(thanks ash)
***post 10 honest facts about yourself
***pass this award on to 7 others (i too will not pass this on to 7 people...but rather 2 people)

1) i'm pretty sure that i would be close to the perfect mom and wife...if only i could learn (or even want to learn) to cook. i have the baking thing down...i just hate to cook.

2) i have no will power. i have been over weight for about 8 or 9 years. and even thought i HATE the way i look. i cannot seem to find the motivation to loose the weight.

3) i have been happily married for 7 years, 11 months and 25 days. and although a LOT has changed in that time and we're not where we hoped we'd be i am still happy!! there are a million reason i love jake, and everyday i find at least one more reason.

4) i miss my friends from "back in the day" and i feel like because i was the first to get married and move away that it's my fault that we're no longer in touch.

5) someday i'll go to beauty school. but not until both my boys are in school. my current job keeps me too busy for school.

6) i am addicted to the following: diet coke, farkle, facebook, pineapple, jodi picolt books, grey's anatomy, football, band of brothers and blogging.

7) sometimes i think that having another baby would be fun...and then i remember sleepless nights, nursing, and just plain starting all over again and then i remember why i'm happy with two boys. i'll enjoy other peoples babies until i have grandchildren!

8) someday i want to drive on route 66 from one end to the other. "It winds from Chicago to LA, more than two thousand miles all the way. Get your kicks on Route sixty-six"

9) i find it really strange that i like to blog. because i have always HATED to write. and even more, i HATE even more when people read what i write. but blogging is fun and i love it when people read and comment on my posts.

10) i wish i could knock some sense into church's....they need to realize that my husband is a GREAT youth pastor!

and now i pass this "award" onto heavy metal & bryndaline (you know who you are)


  1. amen to number ten.
    and i totally rhymed. haha!!
    when i get back i'm doing this and passing this on.
    oh! i see my name is up there hahahahaha

  2. Interesting logo, and congrats on the award. However, two humourous and satirical thoughts come to mind.

    1. It looks somewhat like a piece of communist propaganda.

    2. Why did someone have to lose his or her arm?


    Russ (blogger next blog)

    satire and theology