Friday, July 24, 2009

fun filled week!!

i was very excited to get a call last week inviting solomon to an art day camp. solomon had SO much fun this week. he would come home so excited but he never wanted to tell me what they were doing because he wanted all of it to be a surprise on parents night.
solomon coming back from "camp" one afternoon
also this week solomon and i discovered that his carrots in the garden were getting pretty "big" so he wanted to try one!
SO excited!!

he even ate it...

...the WHOLE thing!
(i don't know what moses was doing back there!)

yes, that's both my kids in the pool with ALL their clothes on!

moses, being the stunt baby that he is, did a back flip off the coffee table and ended up with a goose egg on his head and i rug burn on his nose. yes, i realize that a coffee table is not the safest place for a toddler to be sitting but he does it all the time with no problems...but now the coffee table is off limits to baby bums.
"check out my bruise!"

solomon planted a sunflower in sunday school months ago. the little seed he planted sure his done well. it went through two pots before finding a long term home in our front yard. i swear this thing grows 6 inches everyday! it's going to be huge!!!

so after a fun filled week at art camp it was finally parents night. he showed us around the "camp" it's in the woods...and it is SO cool!! he showed us the different stations for painting and pottery and everything else. mrs. K and the camp councilors had taken most of the kid's art and hung it on trees throughout the camp so we got to go on an art hunt to find all of solly's creations.
with his painting and easel

solly, daddy & grammy finding his walking stick

moses even had a ton of fun!

and then the kids put on a show for us with skits and songs. it was hilarious!! they did such a great job and had SO much fun.

solly's art.
(easel, bird bath, mushroom, garfield puppet & sun face)

and his castle on a rock!
the only thing i didn't get a picture of was his walking picture a stick about 4 feet tall with feathers attached with twine at the top. there, now you've seen how wonderfully creative my son is! and how fun filled a week with two crazy boys can be.

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  1. So cool Becki! I love the carrots!!! I had no idea you cut Solly's hair...but I love it:)