Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i love my boys. i really do. i woke up this morning to the sound of the boys laughing and "talking" to each other. if i don't get up right away solly will get up open their curtains and keep moses company until i get in there to get him.
(he was really happy,
just mad that i hadn't picked him up yet)
so, today we got a nice little package in the mail! (isn't it cute?) inside was a t-shirt for moses from rose for his birthday
and he LOVES it!! he enjoyed showing everyone his new shirt! (i'm just glad a got a picture of him in his new shirt while it was still clean...because after cupcakes & chicken tacos for dinner it wasn't lookin so great)
this is moses idea of a "smile" for the camera...funny kid!
so today i also went on a baking spree...i started with cupcakes as a birthday gift for one of my favorite people, lynette. i don't get to do cupcakes for girls very often so i went for it using pink and purple!! she (of course) loved them!
then i got home from cupcake delivering and made dinner (chicken tacos, as i mentioned earlier) and decided to keep baking. so i started with blueberry muffins (nothing fancy, a mix)
then onto brownies (again, a mix)
and last but not least, chocolate chip cookies.
i'm pretty sure that someone out there lost their "get-up-n-go" this week...and i found it. first with an all day house cleaning and then a full day of baking all while keeping my clean house, clean. that's right my kitchen is spotless right now :) it was a GREAT day!!


  1. hah you were a baking fool!
    i love that your kids laugh and giggle in the morning it's pretty funny...
    andddd mosey cracks me up i'm super glad he liked his shirt!

  2. Good job baking and cleaning babe. If only I didn't have a finger nail in my brownie!!

  3. I love it when a burst of energy and inspiration hits! When your done with yours, maybe you could send it my way : )

  4. okay those muffins look amazing right now! no joke!

  5. thanks guys...except for jake! that was NOT a finger nail!!
    melody, i wish i could send it your way...but i lost it :/ if i find it i'll use a little and then send it.
    rose, we'll have to make some next time you're here!