Friday, May 27, 2011


here is a selection of today's drive-by photos. enjoy

*        *         *
today was a bitter sweet day for us. it was jakes last day working for swerve. so i followed him while he dropped off his car and brought him home. this car-in our house is known as the "daddy car" cause that's what it's been for almost 3 years. we're excited and ready for jake to start his new job (with full time hours and benefits!!) but this is what we've known for 3 years so while it's an exciting time it's also a tiny bit scary.

so, here's to swervemobile #22
you were a good 'daddy car' and we will miss you!

jakes b-day

jake's birthday was this past week and since i knew his dad was getting him the only thing he really wanted (a baseball mitt) i decided that his "office" needed a makeover. he just moved into this room and it was looking a bit "bachelor pad-ish" so i fixed that for him. so on saturday while he was working all day the boys and i gave it a little face lift.



no that big of a difference (although, it would be if i showed all the pictures) but he likes it. now if i could just get him to move the rest of his books in there we'd both be happy

*          *          *

after his long day at work we met up with him and his parents and had a good ol family dinner (at the most crowded red robin on the planet) but we had a good time!!!

happy birthday to my hunky hubby!! i love you.

family fun (in the sun)

last week (while the weather was still lovely) moses had his all school picnic up at mud mt. dam. we busted solly out of school and made a family event out of it (plus lucy) it was a pretty fun time!

solomon about to show dad how it's done:

lucy just trying to avoid the sun:

the whole crew:
(minus me. the rest of them are in there somewhere)

solly and lucy (with her cabbage patch face!)

mojo and lu:

we skipped out early (before the hot dogs) and went out for a nice family lunch. it was a good day. i'm hoping for more days like this over the summer

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


geesh! i've been so busy. so now it's time to catch up on whats been going on in the breece world. in the last week and half if i wasn't at work i was at home with mojo and baby lucy. but i did get to do a few fun
solomon's class put on a mothers day tea it was really fun and the kids put a lot of work into decorations, books, place mats, picture frames & books all for their loving mamas!
solly and his teacher
(we love her!)

then there was mothers day of course. my boys let me sleep in and get this; i slept until 11:20!!!! i DID NOT think that i could even do that anymore. it was wonderful (until i realized at 2am that i still wasn't tired but forced myself to go to bed anyways) they also got me a candle and a whole gift bag full of candy.
they're such good boys!
(this was a few min. after i woke up...i don't always look like that)

sunday we also went to visit my dad (papa) in the hospital he was having some heart problems but i guess everything is fine now because he's back at work.
moses enjoyed papa's view:

moses watching tv with papa:

tuesday moses came home from school looking like this:
(how cute is he?!?!)

and today solomon came home from AWANA with the "EVANGELIST" award for inviting so many friends this year. what a great kid!!

so proud!

it's been a long and busy week but i'm glad to have some fun mashed up in there too!

Monday, May 2, 2011


sometime i think that i should just start an album for pictures i've take while i'm driving. i do it ALL the time. some people text and i drive and snap pictures. i get so bummed out if i realize i left my camera a home...and then i use my phone. so here are a few picture from our beautiful sunny sunday!