Friday, May 27, 2011

jakes b-day

jake's birthday was this past week and since i knew his dad was getting him the only thing he really wanted (a baseball mitt) i decided that his "office" needed a makeover. he just moved into this room and it was looking a bit "bachelor pad-ish" so i fixed that for him. so on saturday while he was working all day the boys and i gave it a little face lift.



no that big of a difference (although, it would be if i showed all the pictures) but he likes it. now if i could just get him to move the rest of his books in there we'd both be happy

*          *          *

after his long day at work we met up with him and his parents and had a good ol family dinner (at the most crowded red robin on the planet) but we had a good time!!!

happy birthday to my hunky hubby!! i love you.

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  1. The pictures don't do it justice.