Saturday, July 25, 2009

street fair...breece style!

today i woke up feeling pretty grumpy. but i fought all urge to let the grumpiness take over. i was determined to get out and have some family fun if it killed me. we made it downtown for the street fair. it was a little lame. but we managed to find some (free) fun :)
my boys did NOT want me to take their picture!
(and by boys i mean JAKE)

look out! solly's driving a firetruck!!

me and my boyfriend!

the best part? the FREE bible dress up & picture. moses, of course, dressed up like moses. solomon, of course, dressed like king solomon.
it doesn't get much cuter that this!
it was so hot today so we came home and played in the kiddie pool & relaxed with our boys.

i'm not so much looking forward to the heat that is coming over the next week. but, we'll live...maybe.

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