Monday, July 6, 2009

my very long weekend...

...all started with a yard sale friday morning. the dreaded sale started at 9 and i gave up at 5. i made it to my goal of over $200!! i have a few bigger items to sell on craigslist. but the rest i "donated" to the church garage sale. now i just need to do some more clearing and organizing in my garage and i'll be one happy lady!
then after cleaning up the yard sale mess...and then the house (the boys TRASHED it while i was busy with the yard sale) our friends, Mat & Ramie, came down to visit us from BC and on saturday we showed them an all american 4th of july!
we started with breakfast at the kettle!! SO GOOD!! (*side note* while we were there we ran into one of our old youth group kids from selah, Max, it was SO weird! but so good to see him!!) then we went downtown enumclaw for the 'stars and stripes' parade. it was SO hot, but also SO much fun!! then it was nap time (for moses) while he slept we played...and sat around the back yard
we are all hooked on a game on jake's ipod!
then moses woke up and had a quick bite to eat
(with his bodyguards)
then we headed to becca's house for a bbq and to just hang out.

and to blow things up of course!!

poor gwenivere with her muzzle
its obvious that he loves me!
moses was getting SO tired so we brought him home and put him to bed. jake took the canadians & solly to the firework show that the city of enumclaw puts on while i stayed home and watched fireworks in the neighborhood and baked moses birthday cake
it "only" took me until 3am to finish frosting the cake...not to shabby since i didn't have the supplies i really needed.
then sunday it was par-tay time!!! we had close to 30 people over to celebrate moses turning 2!! we had a lot of fun
ashley even came over
grandpa helping with the candle
it was a great weekend...i'm just glad that it's over! i slept until 11 this morning (something that i did not think i could do anymore) and i am still fighting off a stupid cold. so i have very little planned for the rest of the week (thank goodness!!)
i would like to thank everyone that came to mojo's party for coming and loving my little man!! it meant so much to me!! he had a great day!


  1. man busy weekend!!!
    haha i love the most that mosey was holding his gift bag like a monkey! and solly's pool picture is pretty rad!

  2. the only thing missing from our busy weekend was YOU!!! :(