Tuesday, July 7, 2009

all done!!

√ laundry

√ clean the bathroom

√ sweep, mop & vacuum (the ENTIRE HOUSE)

√ dishes

not only did i get my WHOLE list done...i went above and beyond! here is what else i got done:

√ clean my closet & bedroom

√ cleaned the boys bedroom

√ scrubbed the kitchen counters and everything on them

√ took the cushions off the couch and vacuumed under there (so gross)

√ washed all the guest bedding & made beds

√ washed grubby hand prints off of everything

grubby hand print:

during cleaning:

solly didn't let me bother him one bit:
the way my house is suppose to look!

it feels so good to have my house clean and just the way i want it!! and i just needed there to be evidence out there that it can happen :)


  1. Now do this everyday and you will have a happy husband!!!

  2. Ahhhh.....I love the feeling of a clean house!

    Toni Erickson is my midwife. I love her! She's so great. We had Norah with her (used a different midwife w/Elliott), and did a water birth at home. It was fantastic!

  3. Great job Becki and tell Jake to do it everyday and see how he likes it!