Friday, July 10, 2009

tony + bex

this blog's for my teenage kids (who just happen to be dating each other...don't worry none of us are actually related) so, apperently becca thinks she has ugly of course anthony just HAD to rip off her socks and check 'em out. and i just happen to have my camera handy >:) i think they're cute!!! but what do you think??
becca's piggies
then after moses bath i combed his hair...and anthony decided he needed to "groom" becca...well come to think of, becca started it.
the joy's of backcombing
(this is a face that becca makes when she's not happy...i love it)

ohhhh someone's in BIG trouble

payback!!! becca using moses toothbrush on anthony

moses doesn't even notice the two of them fighting behind him...he's too busy reading his book

all better! i like anthonys "who me?" face.
happy "3" tomorrow guys!!!


  1. hahahahaha!!!
    i backcombed "tony's" hair a while ago. yeah. he let me get a whole side of his hair :D
    sounds pretty eventful!!!!!