Sunday, July 19, 2009

you ask, i deliever.

for rachie and rose, who have been waiting about a week for a new it is. i am still suffering from bloggers block. but i figured i could just get over it and come up with something. so here you have it. pictures from the past week. there aren't many, but they should entertain you for all of 3 minuets :D
solly-mid haircut

driving and talking on the cell phone is not nearly as dangerous as making oreo cheesecake cupcakes and talking on the phone. (and yes, they were SO GOOD)

solly's pumpkin patch is in bloom.
we're gonna have a ton of pumpkins this fall!

alex, nico & mojo rockin out at the stairs house

awwwww, i NEVER get to take pictures of moses sleeping because he's such a light sleeper but last saturday he was so pooped that i managed to get a couple. how cute is he?!?!

last saturday we also visited my lovely kaydee who is "busy" growing a baby. we had fun just getting to see each other again. (the sun was too bright for solly)

OH! also, last saturday was FREE slurpee day at 7eleven they were TINY, but it was hot out so we enjoyed every minuet of it!!!

and this one picture can sum up the past week. hanging out in the back yard while the boys "swim" in their tiny pool. the weather has been wonderful and i am thankful for that.
this next week will bring us all kinds of fun stuff. solomon will be attending art day camp in the woods. rose will be with us for a few days before all my older children (anthony, becca and rose) head off to South Dakota for the annual mission trip. and i'm sure other unexpected things will come up this week.
so there you have it. 8 blogs in one. i hope it was all you dream of girlie's! love you!


  1. i loved it!
    hah it was a condom of a blog which is the best kind!!
    i wanna see solly after hair cut.
    mosey is so cute sleeping.. hah and playing guitar.

  2. That was like, Mega, Epic and Random all at the same time. I must have been naughty all week because there are no pictures of me. Sorry baby, I will try to be better this week!

  3. jake - you're always at the top! why complain!!

    becki i loved it all :] i can't believe i'm missing good stuff!!!
    miss you!