Saturday, August 7, 2010

long time

it just took me a minuet to figure out how to post a new blog...that must mean it's been WAY too long since i last posted.

i can't even remember what my last post was...oh yes, something about a possible job in lynden i believe. well here is a recap of our lives since then:

*we will not be moving to lynden.

*i am still working and LOVING it. it's such a blessing to have a good & flexible job!

*there will soon be a new baby in my life...i'm going to be an aunt again! (lucy is due to arrive thanksgiving week)

*i am opening up to the idea of having another baby of my very own but probably not for another year or two.

* we're looking into buying a house.

*moses is now three years old!

*solly has had the best summer ever including: swimming lessons, VBS, a weekend at the beach, art camp & a week at grandmas house on whidbey island

life has been full and wonderful lately! i'm feeling like one lucky mama!


  1. Can we clarify who is having the baby please!?

  2. i wish there was a like button for blogs.

    [] like button pushed.