Wednesday, April 8, 2009


i'm having one of those days

i'm working hard to get things done...but in the process i have TRASHED the house. and if my camera was working i would prove it. but moses decided to suck on it this morning and now it doesn't feel like taking pictures. witch is perfect since i finally managed to dig out stuff to sell on craigslist.

and my tooth (or half of a tooth) is starting to ache. the tylenol has finally kicked in and it's not to bad. but i know that i can't ignore it forever.

and now moses doesn't want to take his nap.

oh well on the bright side i went shopping for jeans yesterday and i am officially one size smaller. now i just need to get myself back up on the bandwagon so that i can get down another 2 sizes. that would be perfect. now that i've gotten all the pop outta my house this shouldn't be a problem! and by next weekend my garage WILL be cleaned out and i will be able to workout. i just need to get off my butt right now and work this done.

1 comment:

  1. i love ya! and missssss you!

    i bet your house is not that bad!!!

    yay for smaller pant size!
    and i hope your tooth ache goes away!!