Wednesday, April 22, 2009

holy moses!!

so a few days ago moses, much to my dismay, figured out how to open the fridge (oh the horror) so today he was bringing me things like a pop and cream cheese...ya know the sorts of things you "need" while you're sitting on the couch. so he toddled back to the fridge to see what else i might "need" when i heard a lot of strange *plop*crack* sounds...and then it registered in my brain..."oh no!! the EGGS" that's right 16 of them to be exact...
and what goes better with eggs than cool whip & cheese?
fortunately for him, i was in a good mood. and was able to laugh it off...but when i asked him if he was naughty this is what he would do:
this is what i get for letting him watch curious george today. he's lucky he's so cute!!!

1 comment:

  1. haahaa i laughed out loud when i saw the picture of him on the couch!!

    who needs eggs anyway??
    he was just helpin ya clean out your fridge is all (: