Monday, April 20, 2009

lot's a pictures

these are some pictures that i've taken over the past week or so and i finally decided it was now or here they are

this is the best picture i could get of the 2 of us...jake is such a poor sport!

moses chowing down some ice cream in front of the tv

i asked him to "smile" and this is what i got!
(it's got a hint of evil in it)

my boys and their sweet bike! solly has a hummer and moses has a jeep


solly was sick all weekend...and this was his happy place

moses on the other hand found his happy place in the back yard

this morning i walked out of the house to see this UFO cloud headed for mt. rainer!

moses eating candy, playing guitar and watching a movie...what a boy!

solly decided to make himself soup not sure he could've found a bigger bowl!
(and my counter is a little orange because he spilled his fanta all over)

ah yes,finally my poor white legs...they are so white they are almost transparent!!
i hope this nice weather sticks around a while. my legs need the sun!!

1 comment:

  1. i bet my legs are whiter ahaa but not for long!

    i love that you tried to take a self done picture with jake ha.

    solly looked all comfy on the couch and moses is a super multi-tasker!

    how was solly even able to carry such a huge bowl of soup!??