Friday, April 24, 2009

take a hike!

my darling little sister has been draggin me on hikes lately...not that i am not willing, i'm just out of shape. today we did mt. peak. it was a lot of fun. but i just can't wait for this to get easier!!

this was my view most of the time...rachel waiting for me:

enumclaw from about half way up:

some wildlife i caught looking at us:
(oops a bit fuzzy)

rachel decided this looked like weed:

so she thought she'd try to smoke it:
(what a tard)

my favorite girls!! rachie and riley jo:

riley and i at the TOP:

this picture alone is reason enough to workout...and get some sun
(of course everyone looks fat & white next to rach)
the 3 of us at the top! yay:

next week i take on tiger mountain (or poo poo point as anna calls it...?) last week it kicked my butt and i only made it half week that mountain doesn't stand a chance!!!
i love my rachie for kicking my butt in to shape. but someday somehow i'll figure out how to inflict as much pain on her as she has on me! *love you big/little*

1 comment:

  1. yay you did it!!

    what is the picture of like what animal??
    riley looks soo happy haha.

    that didn't look like weed to me but hey if rachel enjoyed it i guess that's all that matters lol..

    yay for tiger mountain!! you can do it!