Sunday, April 19, 2009

why, oh why??

my poor solomon is sick. and when he gets sick its not pretty. he just has a cold, but at least once a year he gets a cough that is like's pretty much like asthma. he stayed home from school on friday and we also skipped church today and im pretty sure that he'll be home from school tomorrow too :( i just want him to get better.
OH YES!! and it doesnt help that while moses and i were at a wedding reception this evening jake decided it would be a good idea to watch the movie signs with solomon...they didn't even make it through the whole movie and now solomon is scared of EVERYTHING, i had to go with him to pee!!! and it was still light a matter of fact it is 10:15pm right now and the poor kid is still awake laying in my bed right now. jake is normally the over protective one about everything!! it is SO unlike him to let solly watch something like that. i was shocked. jake, of course, feels really bad now. poor solly :(

in other news:
i FINALLY pulled my elliptical machine out today and i am suppose to have my first appointment with it very early tomorrow so early that i have to do it before i go and do my frankies cleaning :P yuck. it all just sounds like too much work to me. but i know that it will all be worth it in the end...when i am smoking hot ;)
well, wish me luck...

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  1. i hope he feels better!

    signs used to freak me out and i wouldn't ever watch it! haa and i was old.

    yay for workouts! i know ya can do it!!!
    i'm excited for you because i know that i could never get up that early like everrr.