Friday, April 17, 2009

i must have dropped my brain somewhere along the way...

so my darling little sister drug my fat butt outta the house today and tried to get me to hike up a mountain (only 3 miles round trip) but since i haven't worked out pretty much since it was required to graduate...lets just saw i didn't do so good. it also didn't help that i barley ate breakfast (toast and a brownie were not the best choice) and i have a cold. but i really did my best and she was very understanding that i was close to death. but her big plan is to hike every friday so i suppose i have some work to do in the this week to be ready for next weeks hike.
so now that i am back home with my sick little boys all i want to do is sit in my chair and be warmed by the computer in my lap (feels good on sore thighs) i don't have any motivation to do ANYTHING :/ so i think i'll just keep blogging...

...the other day i was telling a friend how i was so proud that solly had perfect attendance so far this year. well, i should've knocked on wood. he is stuck at home with a bark of a cough and a sore throat. so along with moses and his new found allergy's we're quite the bunch of sicklings.

...rose went home today :( she decided to grace us with her presents for the week, and we are always happy to have her. now if i could just find her a job here then she could move here and save on gas :)

...i miss my friends. during this move i have found a lot of old pictures and yesterday i watched my wedding video. why is it that when we grow up we somehow lose friends along the way? who knows. all i know is that i am glad to still have a few of them(only the best one of course) i just wish that i could see them more. maybe if i didn't sit in this chair blogging all day i could find time to see them.

...jake is working his butt off these days at both work and church. he is helping out at youth group and also teaching sunday school while the regular youth pastor is on sabbatical. he loves working with youth again. it's nice to see him in ministry again.

...rose and i went and saw hannah montana(the movie) while she was here...and i LOVE it. it's a really cute and very funny movie. i had NEVER watched hannah montana before seeing the movie and i still loved it!!!

alright i think it's time to get up and do something with my day.

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  1. that is a lot of blogging!

    great job hiking!!!
    tell solly i hope he feels better!!

    i agree hannah montana was the best movie ever!!!

    i think jake should become a college age leader!!