Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my day.

so jake and i kinda forgot to help solly build his awana race car. so today at 4 solly and i built a just about an hour. i was pretty proud. until i saw the look on his face and the tears started after he didn't win a trophy! it was so sad. i thought i would be better to let him have fun painting and making the design and then we get there and some of the cars were ridiculous, most of the cars were entirely done by the patents and then you could tell that kids just put stickers on at the end. i didn't find it very fair. but i guess better luck next year.

all ready to race:
. . . . .

after i dropped solly at awana moses and i took a drive. and i realized i had my camera on me for once! so i decided to take pictures of my most favorite place in the world; enumclaw. so here are a few things that i love about my home :)
highland cattle eatin some hay.

a huge horse/mule thing just chillin

i have always loved that sometimes you have to wait for and drive around tractors.
and you can't have enumclaw without cows :)

even though this mountain and i have a love/hate relationship
i still love mt. peak

and this is just plain funny!
check out that dog takin a dump!

1 comment:

  1. highland cattle are the most amazing things EVER!

    mount peak is friggin huge!
    and solly had possibly the coolest race car ever!

    ps that sign made me LOL!