Monday, February 23, 2009

i need a fanny pack...and a prozac!

today started out pretty awful! after a long night up with moses i dragged my butt out of bed and went to doing my cleaning at fankie's...1st off it was horrible i had to unclog a toilet that smelled like a sewer and then i had to clean chew out of a urinal (sometimes i don't think i get paid enough) so after cleaning all 7 toilets and 3 urinals (ugh) i was putting my cleaning supplies and i went out the back door to dump my mop water and "slam" i heard the door shut behind me...i didn't unlock the door nob (boy did i feel like a door nob) i was totally locked out my keys, my phone everything was inside(this is why i need a fanny pack). i found an office that was open and i asked to ise the phone...luckily one of the oh, 3 phone numbers i have memorized is chiaras i called her (oh it was about 6:45am) she is not a morning person...and as i expected she didn't answer but i left her a voicemail telling her to come and rescue me. i sat outside for a few min...and then i decided that i would have to walk the 10 blocks to chiaras house and pound on her door till she woke up. so after about 4 blocks my arms were frozen ( i only had a t-shirt on) and then i was coming up on block 7 when i saw a blue jeep in the distance, i said a quick prayer, then as it passed i saw that it was her and i waved my arms like some poor soul stuck on a desert island. she took me back to frankie's and let me in. by the time i got home it was 7:30 the time i am usually getting out of the shower and waking jake, no shower for me today. so, i thought "oh maybe i can sneak in and get solly out of bed and moses will sleep in while i go back to bed and jake takes solly to school" no such luck. but it all worked out for the better cause moses got up nice and early and was able to take a nap (while i finally got my shower).

rose cheered me up today tho...she is sending me my birthday present early and i know what it is, which is a present in itself because i hate surprises. thanks rose!!!!

so after this wild 1st half of my day. solly, moses, and i all headed up to lynnwood to have a birthday dinner with my in-laws. moses was feeling pretty good so i felt like it might be fun...well that was short lived after he was done eating he decided to flip out! i feel like i ruined my father-in laws birthday dinner with a snotty whining baby :(

but my whole day was made better when we got home from the disaster dinner and moses found his new favorite thing...the guitar.

look at those smiles!!!!

see him happy after days of being sick made my awful morning seem like weeks ago. seeing how fast these guys grow makes me realize that i need to slow down and not sweat the small stuff. so maybe i'll pass on the prozac for now(or at least till this weekend when i start packing)

ahhhhh...i think everything will be ok.


  1. aww you didn't tell me about your morning dude you day was just about crappier than mine by far.

    moses with the guitar is super super cute!!!
    i already miss them a ton they crack me up!

    ohh and your package should arrive like today or within the next like couple days!

  2. moses loves that guitar and he walks around with it everywhere and he even plays music! it's soooo cute!!!

    i can't wait to get my package...i wonder what it'll be? (hehe)