Tuesday, February 17, 2009

portland, home, yak & back

so we made it home from portland after a nice breakfast with old friends we were off to see our boys!!!! we met up with jakes parents, solly and mojo at cabelas and it was WONDERFUL to see them again. we dilly dallied for a long time and had a late lunch and finally got home at 4 or 5. i hurry and unpacked and did laundry so it wouldn't sit around for weeks. i was ready to go to bed by 8pm!! (of course i didn't get to go to bed until like 10:30)
then this morning i got up at 7am and got the boys up and we headed over the mountains to get our rosey!!! we picked her up and after 3 flipping stops (solly chugged a whole bottle of water and had to go twice!!) we made it home in time for a nap (thanks goodness!!!) we're are sooooo glad to have rose here again. it always feel like someones missing when shes not here :(
soooo after nap time we went to target to get out of the house...it was fuuunnn!! i could live at target :)

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