Sunday, February 8, 2009

its just a cat!!!

so, yesterday i waisted my WHOLE day with my mom trying to find my grandma a cat as a birthday present. turns out adopting a cat is almost as hard as adopting a child...who knew. i really just wanted to yell "IT'S JUST A CAT" but i didn't think that it would help our chances of walking out of there with a cat. so like 3 hours later we left with we a great little kitty, well actually its a 5 years old cat but he is very sweet. he came with the name zeke (witch he only had for 2 weeks while he was at the shelter). it took my grandma all of about 5 min to rename his "pretty boy". in just a few hours we're having a little family birthday party for her. i hope to take lots of pictures and then figure out how to post them on this crazy (boring) blog.


  1. This reminds me of that funny commercial that talks about her CAT Blog:) I love boring cat blogs and I love you!

  2. haha you crack me up.

    where did you find a shelter isn't that something you were having touble with?