Friday, February 27, 2009

i hate this word...

...but i am going to be 'busy' for the next week. it's sad but true. on sunday jake wants me to have pretty much everything we can't live without packed up and ready to move into our new garage. it'll wait there until the landlords son has all the repairs done on our new place and then we will start unpacking, moving in furniture and cleaning. once we have the essentials unpacked and usable we'll move us, our beds & clothes on in. i can't wait! we should be living in our own place by next has been WAY too long. but we'll never have to live in my parents house again.

by the way...i hate the word "busy" because my mom always says she's "soooo busy" when she's jake and i like to imagine she is saying "lazy" anytime she says "busy" and it's not only funny but it makes more sense!!!

1 comment:

  1. whoooo hooo only a week!!!!

    haha and the "lazy" thing made me laugh!