Saturday, February 21, 2009

one of those days...

...i'm pooped. my day (against my will) started at 6 am. my poop mosey was coughing and was feeling a bit warm. so after getting him all taken care of i tried to get back to sleep before i had to get up at such luck (of course). so after listening to jake snore for almost an hour i dragged my butt outta bed and got in the shower. a gour later rose, mosey, solly and i were on the road to take rose home. so to yak and back i went again. moses fared the trip pretty well but by the time we got home he was feeling terrible. so i put him down for a nap and that didn't last long i usually let him talk to himself for a while after waking up but this time when i went in to get him he was sitting in barf (poor kid) so the rest of the evening i spent with moses glued to me...i mean i couldn't get 2 feet away from him. so jake got home from work and took over while i went to church to work in the nursery. after a painful hour and half of watching weird kids. i stopped at the store to find anything i could to help moses feel better. so i got home and did what i could for the poor little guy and got him to bed. i have a feeling that i'll be up more than once tonight. it's gonna be a long night to follow up my long day...and i'm already pooped out!

on a completely different note: blogging is weird i feel like i'm talking to myself...but somehow it's still fun. someday i'll have a cool blog...maybe when i finally get a life.

well goodnight friends...keep it classy!


  1. i totally commented on this last night and it didn't send thats stupid.

    so here it is again
    thanks so much for the great week! i miss you guys already!

    i feel super sad for moses. does he feel any better today?

  2. haha, you commented on the other one. and the first like on this is suppoes to say poor mosey (not poop mosey)