Sunday, February 22, 2009

church, barf & costco

yep. that sums up my day.
church was good. moses was feeling good. he was looking like he wanted to sleep forever by the time we left so i brought him straight home and put him down for a nap. about 45 min later he was awake and i went to get him and the next thing i remember was an explosion of barf and then a few small aftershocks. after he was clean and dressed we went to costco to stock up on diapers.
he is now happily sleeping...i wish i was.

i am going crazy. i know that i am moving soon...but it just doesn't feel soon enough. people in the house are acting more annoyed with me. i am as always more annoyed with them. i don't want to do anything but pack and get outta here!!! i suppose that means i should start packing...boy am i in for a shock when i start and realize how much crap i have laying around here. i don't care i'll pack it all up, get the heck out of here, then have a garage sale when i move!!!
hurry time, move faster!


  1. i am so excited for you to much so i can only imagine how excited you are.

    poor moses he must feel so icky.

    you should get a countdown going for moving day or around the day!! it would probably get you happy!

  2. good idea. i'm hopfully going to find out a date tomorrow so i'll start a countdown then!

  3. yay!!!

    ps wish i was there like times 32875982375.
    lame day.