Sunday, February 15, 2009

day 1 on the alien planet

i survived my first day of vacation with no kids. it wasn't at easy as a thought. jake and i spent the day driving down to portland and then driving around portland. we thought it would be fun to go to a pub that one of our favorite authors talks about in some of his books...turns out we're not so much "pub" type people (but i enjoyed my meal) then we shopped and we only ended up with books for jake. so we went to a familiar place no matter what state we're (ahhh sweet target) after that we went and saw "he's just not that in to you" cute(ish) movie just really frustrating, but it did make me appreciate my husband a whole lot more.
even after such a great day i was feeling the sting of a disappointing valentines day and just as any woman would do i whined a this morning i woke up to my hubby sitting next to me and a trail of chocolates (by this i mean whole boxes of chocolates) leading to my favorite candy and a VERY funny (and in our own sick sense of humor, sweet) card. my sweet (annoying) hubby knows me all to well. he just wanted to wait till the day after so he could buy me twice as much for half the price and i can't get mad about that :)
so our plans for today are to drive down the gorge and see the sites and do some shopping. i hope to take some pictures today too. then later this evening we do what we came here to do....go to a wedding (i almost forgot that's why we're here)

p.s. i just heard jake turn on the hair dryer in the bathroom...thats not normal...

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